Take me back to Malaysian Chinese food at Banana Leaf Catering

It’s been a while since I was last back in Malaysia and recently, I have been craving for Chinese and Malaysian food. For me, Banana Leaf Catering brings back memories of authentic Malaysian Chinese food with heartwarming dishes that are … Continue reading Take me back to Malaysian Chinese food at Banana Leaf Catering

Bing Go Street Food

Brace yourselves Perth, for the new bing craze is coming near you! Recently, I was invited by Sean Gentry, the co-owner of Bing Go Street Food to give some of these bings a try at one of their stores. Bing comes from Jianbing, a crepe made and sold by street vendors in Beijing. It is a thin crepe lined with egg and a selection of fresh ingredients prepared hot and fresh while you wait. For this visit, I brought my two friends along, Tracy and Reka for lunch at Bing Go located at the food court of Enex100 in Perth city. Tracy … Continue reading Bing Go Street Food

Chefs Gallery

After our little adventure exploring around Sydney CBD, it was time for dinner at Chefs Gallery. To be on the safe side, I made a booking for the three of us on Dimmi a few days before as I heard that the restaurant can be quite packed, even on a weeknight. We arrived at Chefs Gallery Town Hall at 8.30pm and the restaurant was quite busy indeed. The menu had a wide selection of food. It was tough to decide what to order but in the end, we settled for a few dishes to share while leaving some room for … Continue reading Chefs Gallery

Shanghai Street Dumplings

After an hour’s walk (yes, we are walking again!) from Burch and Purchese in South Yarra, our tummies were making a familiar rambling sound again. It’s time for….MORE FOOD!! We came to our decisions quickly based on a recommendation from a friend and from hearing many good reviews, we decided to head back to Little Bourke Street in Melbourne city to enjoy some Shanghai Dumplings or Xiao Long Bao at Shanghai Street Dumplings. We arrived at Shanghai Street Dumplings 20 minutes early before it opens so we decided to spend that 20 minutes window shopping at the massive H&M store … Continue reading Shanghai Street Dumplings

Szechwan Zen

Szechwan Zen is a Chinese restaurant specialising in Szechuan style food, tucked away in one of the small shopping squares in Northbridge along William Street. If you spot a Big Red Crab sign, then you are at the spot on at the right place. This was my first time trying Szechuan food and I do hear that the Szechuan style of cooking uses chilli and lots of chilli and their dishes are mostly spicy. As I was offered $100 from the manager of Szechwan Zen, Merrick, to spend, I brought along three of my family friends and mum so we did have … Continue reading Szechwan Zen

A revisit back to Silks

Last week, Pia from Life of Pia invited me to come along with her as a guest to have lunch at Silks at Crown Perth. When we arrived, we were welcomed and had a chat with Silks Restaurant Manager, Jeffery who also gave us recommendations for our cocktails and food. To start off our Silks dining experience, I had the Lychee Sensation Cocktail and Pia had the Golden Silks Cocktail. The Lychee Cocktail was fruity with a nice hint of Lychee flavours. But,  I must say that Pia’s Golden Silks Cocktail looked amazing! It looks like liquid gold with a … Continue reading A revisit back to Silks

Malaysian Food Adventures #13: Dim Sum at Tao

Usually on the first day of Chinese New Year, families will have a feast. This year, my family decided to eat out instead. As most Chinese restaurants are closed on the first day of the Chinese New Year, we decided to celebrate the new year by having a Dim Sum brunch at Tao at InterContinental Hotel, KL. (We assume restaurants would remain open in hotels during the New Year. Thank goodness for that!) A few years ago, Nikko Hotel was turned to InterContinental and Nikko Hotel’s Toh Lee was turned into Tao. When we were still living in Malaysia, my … Continue reading Malaysian Food Adventures #13: Dim Sum at Tao

Malaysian Food Adventures #12: Chinese New Year Eve Dinner at Grand Kingdom

Chinese New Year is always the most exciting time of the year. Every year on Chinese New Year eve, reunions will be held as a get together to have a meal to celebrate and usher in the New Year. This year’s Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner was held at Grand Kingdom, the restaurant which we frequent regularly for Chinese food in KL. To kickstart the feast, we had the Fresh Salmon and Prawn “Yee Sang” or Prosperity Toss which is a Teochew style raw fish salad. Yee Sang is traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year and is considered a … Continue reading Malaysian Food Adventures #12: Chinese New Year Eve Dinner at Grand Kingdom