A burger medley at Jus Burgers

Located in Subiaco, Jus Burgers is an institution for burgers. I always remembered going to Jus Burgers with my friends after uni for a catch up or to celebrate the end of another semester. It has been a while since … Continue reading A burger medley at Jus Burgers

V Burger Bar’s Summer Selections

Recently, V Burger Bar introduced two new burgers and a side as a part of their Summer Selections. They are the Chicken Remoulade Burger, the Spanish-AG and the Chicken Gems. During my visit, I had the chicken remoulade burger ($14.50) which comprises of crumbed chicken and coriander patty, mix lettuce, tomato, onion, with in house remoulade and aioli. Usually I would go for a beef burger but this time, I was excited to try something different. I enjoyed the Chicken Remoulade burger very much – it was delicious. The crumbed chicken and coriander patty was crisp on the outside and … Continue reading V Burger Bar’s Summer Selections