Prego perfect!

Don’t you love a good local neighbourhood gem? Located in the heart of Floreat is Prego. Prego has been around for nearly 10 years and is one true neighbourhood gem. With so many new restaurants popping up around Perth, we … Continue reading Prego perfect!

Zest Leura

After visiting Wentworth Falls during our Blue Mountains adventure, it was time for lunch. During our tour, we had the opportunity to enjoy our lunch break at the little town of Leura. After walking past a few cafes and having a browse at their menus, we decided to have lunch at a cafe called Zest. Zest is both a restaurant and cafe which specialises in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean styles of cooking. As it was a bit chilly and rainy, the three of us decided to order Shakshukas for lunch. I had the Shakshuka with Chorizo ($18). The Shakshuka consists … Continue reading Zest Leura

Canvas Cafe

Cold, rainy and windy is what we usually associate with winter weather. What food comes to mind when you think of winter? Possibly something to keep you warm and contented…am I right? Located in the heart of the Fremantle Arts Centre is Canvas Cafe. Inside Canvas lies a courtyard which looks like a secret garden. There’s also seating inside too. As the seating inside was reserved when we were there, we had to sit alfresco although the weather was rainy and windy! Luckily, there were large umbrellas on top of our heads, which protected us from getting soaked. Canvas serves … Continue reading Canvas Cafe