The Tiny Tuckshop, a suburban hidden gem

Willetton or South of the River locals, you are in luck! There is a hidden gem located right in your area. The Tiny Tuckshop is located in the heart of suburban Willetton. This family run restaurant may be tiny in … Continue reading The Tiny Tuckshop, a suburban hidden gem

Darlings Supper Club

Located in the heart of Northbridge, Darlings Supper Club is an Asian fusion inspired restaurant and bar brought to you by the man behind Varnish on King and The Flour Factory, Andy Freeman and Sam Astbury. During the past few months, Darlings Supper Club has taken the feedback and reviews onboard to revamp and come back with some new additions to the kitchen. This also included firing five chefs in three months and bringing three new chefs with their amazing expertise and flair to the Supper Club. There’s Head Chef Joel Robert, ‘The Chopper’ joining the team fresh from Iron … Continue reading Darlings Supper Club

The Gaya – revisited!

Once again, my family and I are back for dinner at The Gaya, Applecross. It has actually been a while since my very first visit and recently, we thought of making plans to dine at The Gaya. It was also a coincidence that Head Chef and Owner Leo invited me to return as there are new additions to the menu. While devouring on our starters, I had a chat with Leo and it was really great to hear that the Gaya has been doing well since its opening last year. Great job! To start, we had an Amuse Bouche comprising … Continue reading The Gaya – revisited!

The Gaya

What do you get when you have a fusion of korean with a western influence? The answer lies in The Gaya. I was invited to try a newly opened restaurant in Applecross called The Gaya by chef and owner, Leo. This was also my very first invitation from a restaurant to review their food too. The Gaya has a simple, clean cut decor and I really liked the atmosphere. It is perfect for any occasion, whether it is to catch up with friends, go on a date or to even have a casual dinner with the family. The setting is … Continue reading The Gaya

Nine Fine Food

Konnichiwa and G’day mate!  What do you get when you get a fusion of Japanese and Modern Australian flavours? The result lies in Nine Fine Food. Nine Fine Food offers fine, quality, modern Japanese with a twist of Modern Australian flavours. It was my friend, Clara who recommended and chose to dine at Nine Fine Food to celebrate her 21st. So just like my previous post, I have invited a few guest writers to be a part of this post. For our dinner, we decided to order the TokuToku (3 course) set menu ($53 pp). We were also given a few … Continue reading Nine Fine Food