Darlings Supper Club

Located in the heart of Northbridge, Darlings Supper Club is an Asian fusion inspired restaurant and bar brought to you by the man behind Varnish on King and The Flour Factory, Andy Freeman and Sam Astbury. During the past few months, Darlings Supper Club has taken the feedback and reviews onboard to revamp and come back with some new additions to the kitchen. This also included firing five chefs in three months and bringing three new chefs with their amazing expertise and flair to the Supper Club. There’s Head Chef Joel Robert, ‘The Chopper’ joining the team fresh from Iron Chef Thailand and Sashimi King Youngwoo, hailing all the way from South Korea. The moment I received an invitation to attend this event, I replied with a Yes in a few seconds and brought along my childhood friend and foodie, Jess.

To start off, Jess had the Hello Kitty Spritz and I had the Hanzo Slipper. The Hello Kitty Spritz consists of Kizakura Sake, coconut and blueberry jam, fresh citrus, aromatic Peychauds bitters topped with prosecco and fresh mint. The Hanzo Slipper consists of J&B rare whiskey, Midori, lemon juice, absinthe, gomme syrup, finished with orange oil and dandelion bitters. I enjoyed the Hanzo Slipper and thought that it was very refreshing, making it the perfect drink for a Sunday afternoon to complement with great food coming our way. Apart from cocktails, we were also offered warm and cold sake and white wine too. While sipping on our drinks, we took this opportunity to catch up with some old friends and we did make some new friends too. 🙂


Hello Kitty Spritz


Hanzo Slipper

To start off, we had the crumbed quail egg, lap cheong sausage and micro red cabbage leaf. The crumbed quail egg is light and crisp on the outside while protecting the gooey and creamy texture of the oozing egg yolk in the middle with tobiko on top.  It was such a great start to our long Sunday lunch!


Crumbed quail egg, lap cheong sausage and micro red cabbage leaf

Not long after, plates of Tasmanian Atlantic salmon sashimi, accompanied with fresh wakame salad arrived to the table. I love my sashimi – the fresher, the better. The salmon sashimi at Darling Supper Club was very fresh and makes a perfect complement with the soy sauce. It would be even better if there were some wasabi to go with it – I just like the kick from the wasabi which always brings flavours up another level. The salmon salad was creamy and fresh, making it a great side to the salmon sashimi.


Tasmanian Atlantic salmon sashimi with wakame salad

Next up was the Rottnest scallops with coriander pistou, potato foam and Five Spice black pudding. All eyes were on the scallops and there were oohs, there were aahs. The potato foam was creamy and complements well with the freshness of the scallop. The coriander pistou gave a punch of acidity and freshness to the dish. It was a lovely dish which incorporates elements of east meets west and I wished we could have seconds for it!


Rottnest scallops with coriander pistou, potato foam and Five Spice black pudding

We were also offered Fresh Vietnamese Rolls with Pork Belly and Prawn and Satay Sauce. The Vietnamese Rolls were wrapped perfectly, looking neat and presentable. The ingredients in the rolls were light and fresh in flavours. At Darlings Supper Club, the take on Vietnamese Rolls is a bit different where satay sauce is used as the dipping sauce instead of the usual hoisin sauce with crushed peanuts. I thought that this was really creative as the satay sauce gave a hint of spicy-ness and strong flavours to the dish, which actually balances well with the light flavours of the Vietnamese Rolls.


Fresh Vietnamese Rolls with Pork Belly and Prawn and Satay Sauce

We also had the Teriyaki octopus and soba noodle salad with wasabi mayonnaise. The octopus was marinated and chargrilled well giving sweetness to the perfectly cooked octopus. However, I found the soba noodles salad to be a bit salty and could be better if the salt was reduced to balance out the stronger tastes.

Next up was the Fried Japanese tofu with pickled mushroom, asparagus and miso. I always think of Agedashi Tofu as the usual Fried Tofu drenched in light dashi based sauce. At Darlings Supper Club, Agedashi Tofu is taken to the next level and yes, it’s different to your average Agedashi Tofu. It was a splash of colours on the plate. The tofu was smooth and silky inside, crisp on the outside. The chilli spice mix gave a subtle hint of chilli kick to the tofu. I really love how the umami flavours from the miso complements well with the tofu, pickled mushroom and asparagus.


Teriyaki octopus and soba noodle salad with wasabi mayonnaise


Fried Japanese tofu with pickled mushroom, asparagus and miso

Plate after plate and the Crispy confit pork belly with chilli palm caramel arrived on the table. This was another one of my favourites. The pork belly was juicy and tender, topped with a thin layer of crispy, crunchy crackling that you can even hear the sound of it crunch when you sink your teeth in it. It was melt in your mouth delicious.

We also had the Braised black bean beef cheek on coriander pesto with red cabbage marmalade. I have heard about this dish from a friend and how amazing it was. It was truly amazing. The beef cheek was so soft and tender that it pulls apart easily, together with beautiful flavours which have been soaked through the beef cheek. It was so flavoursome.


Crispy confit pork belly with chilli palm caramel


Braised black bean beef cheek on coriander pesto with red cabbage marmalade

We were so full after all the food which have been served to us and it has been good so far. But, this is not the end. To finish off, we were offered Darlings Snickers and Macarons with flavours of white chocolate, peanut butter and lavender. The Darlings Snickers which consists of Valrhona chocolate brownie with caramelised peanuts and spiced condensed milk was rich with a nice balance of sweet and salty flavours. The macarons had the perfect crunch on its outer layers and a creamy middle layer. After desserts at The Flour Factory, I am impressed once again by the desserts at Darlings Supper Club.


Macarons (White chocolate, peanut butter and lavender)


Darlings Snickers

We were so full after the feast or I should perhaps say, the long Sunday lunch. Darlings Supper Club was one of the places on my wishlist that I would love to go to and I did hear some mixed reviews about it a few months back. After the tasty lunch event, I was impressed at the quality of food that they have put up after listening to what their customers have to say and working to improve based on the feedback that they received. As they say, the best way to improve is to always incorporate feedback. 🙂

Feeling a bit hungry after looking at this post at 12am? Don’t worry, it’s not too late. Darlings Supper Club is here to serve you late night Asian fusion whether it is dumplings or noodles for you to enjoy until 3am!

Once again, I would like to thank David Gardiner PR for the invitation and organising the event. I would also like to thank the team at Darlings Supper Club for having us and cooking up a storm of great food for us.

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One thought on “Darlings Supper Club

  1. Just so everyone knows I no longer work and Darlings and in no way want my name associated with the restaurant. I do not believe in practices of the company. Thanks to all the lovely people that did come in the time I were there. Hopefully darling will keep moving forward and not go back to the shambles and filth that it was when I started there


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