A new addition to the Floreat Forum food scene is Davvero!, an Italian style cafe and restaurant brought to you by two Tuscan families with a strong passion for good food and wine. Apart from real, authentic Italian food, Davvero … Continue reading Davvero!

Chapter 88

Ciao Italia is a household name to many in Perth and a local institution for Italian cuisine. The end of last year marks Ciao Italia’s new venture, Chapter 88, strategically located at Broadway Shopping Centre, near UWA. And no, this is not like Ciao Italia in South Perth. Chapter 88 shouts modern, casual and contemporary, serving up breakfast and lunch favourites. From hearing about Chapter 88, I have always wanted to give it a shot since it was so close to uni and it was decided that Chapter 88 would be a perfect place to catch up with the girls … Continue reading Chapter 88

Malaysian Food Adventures #19: Jibby and Co

If you happen to be around Empire Shopping Gallery at Subang Jaya lately, I am sure you will notice a new glass building which looks like a greenhouse outside. This new little building is home to cafe and restaurant, Jibby and Co which has been opened for more than a month now. Yes, residents of Subang Jaya will be pleased to hear that they no longer have to travel to Bangsar or Mont Kiara to get a lovely atmosphere and food. The concept of Jibby and Co reminds me of a lot of cafes that I have been to while … Continue reading Malaysian Food Adventures #19: Jibby and Co

Malaysian Food Adventures #17: FIQS Gastronomy

Yes yes yes, I think FIQS Gastronomy is what the suburb of SS19 needs! Food, Innovation, Quality is what the acronym of FIQ stands for and has already lived up to it. The chef/owner of FIQS is Syafiq. Drawing upon his learning experience from the Johnson and Wales Culinary School to work experience at pubs, burger joints, cafes, hotels in America and training with a best chef in the world holding 3 Michelin Stars, Syafiq brings affordable and quality food to FIQS which will tantalise your tastebuds. To start off our dinner at FIQS, mum and I had the Roasted … Continue reading Malaysian Food Adventures #17: FIQS Gastronomy

Japanese dinner at Hanami

こんにちは! (Konnichiwa or hello in Japanese) For the past few days, I have been doing some research and am still looking for good Japanese restaurants in Perth. Japanese is also one of my favourite cuisines. There are quite a few Japanese restaurants in Perth but I stumbled upon Hanami on Urbanspoon from its good reviews and upon recommendation from a friend. So, we decided to give Hanami a try for dinner. This was my first time at Hanami. When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by a nice smile, friendly service and were seated to the table I made a … Continue reading Japanese dinner at Hanami

Jamie’s Italian

This is my second visit to Jamie’s Italian. The very first visit with dad, mum and I, we had to queue for almost 2 hours and had dinner/supper at 10pm. This time, we were lucky that we didn’t have to queue that long to get a table although we were separated into two tables of four and a table of two (we had a party of 10 and thanks to Jan’s friends for queuing early!). I am sure you are all wondering what’s the occasion this time. Well it’s to celebrate my friend, Jan’s pre-21st birthday dinner. For our table, … Continue reading Jamie’s Italian