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This is my second visit to Jamie’s Italian. The very first visit with dad, mum and I, we had to queue for almost 2 hours and had dinner/supper at 10pm. This time, we were lucky that we didn’t have to queue that long to get a table although we were separated into two tables of four and a table of two (we had a party of 10 and thanks to Jan’s friends for queuing early!). I am sure you are all wondering what’s the occasion this time. Well it’s to celebrate my friend, Jan’s pre-21st birthday dinner.

For our table, we went straight to the mains because we were very hungry. I had the Specials which was the Osso Bucco. I was told that the Osso Bucco was slow-cooked from the night before at 8pm to the next day at 10am. The meat was very tender, soft and easily detached from the bone as it was braised for a long period of time. The sauce was packed with flavour and the mash potato was creamy and fluffy which blended quite well with the Osso Bucco. The Osso Bucco is hearty and makes a perfect winter dish on a cold, rainy day.


For my dessert, I had the Chocolate Vin Santo Pot with hazelnut biscotti and zabaglione ice cream. It was one of the best desserts I had tried in Jamie’s Italian. The texture is similar to a cross between a chocolate mousse and cake with a small hint of bitterness. With the zabaglione ice cream, it’s a matchmake in heaven. I will highly recommend this dessert to all the chocolate lovers and sweet tooths out there!


To make this post interesting, I have invited two guests, Jan and Sharlyn to give their opinions. This is what Jan and Sharlyn have to say about their dishes they shared on their table.

Truffled Turkey Milanese

Sharlyn:I would say that was the best truffled turkey I’ve tasted so far in my life. It was delightful! The taste of parmesan and the runny egg goes well with the truffled turkey. It was mouth fulfilling that a few serving did the taste for me.

Jan:  It was a pretty fragrant and scrumptious dish – nuff said ’cause by the time you’re reading this, I might have already finished a serving of it

 Game Meatball

Sharlyn: First of all this was chosen by Jan. I guess men love their meat (hehe) the meatball was really good and well cooked. The taste was very home warming that it doesn’t feel like you’re eating outside on a friday night. The garlic ragu was a bit salty though but I guess its all about eating the dish’s components together to get the taste ( I keep eating the bits by itself) haha.

Jan:  I wanted to order this since before coming to the restaurant and boy was it one of the best. It had a lot of elements with it but all of them tied together really well. A must try I think!

Black Angel Spaghetti

Sharlyn: Well I was told that this was one of the popular pasta dish (and i have never eaten a black pasta before). So here we go, I had it for the first time and it was delicious! Although I have a really sensitive tongue for salty foods, this pasta was overall flavourfull and would definitely eat again.

Jan: It was the dish I was scared of, but it wasn’t too bad. It was a bit salty and it had a strong squid taste to it, which was what is expected, but I wasn’t a fan of seafood.

Prawn Linguine

Sharlyn: This pasta is so far the best for me. I have eaten prawn linguine before from different restaurants (even homemades) but this is the most mouthwatering one. The spice was just right and the succulence of organic tomato goes really well with the perfectly cooked prawn and linguine pasta – The best meal of the night and next thing I know the plate was clean! ;D

Jan: See this was a distinct contrast to the black angel spaghetti in that it was actually really good. I had quite a bit of it and it was so nicely done – it was spicy, it was hot, the seafood taste from the prawn wasn’t strong at all. (Those who have allergies though, beware)


We also had an extra side dish:
The Famous Polenta Chips

Jan and Sharlyn: Words cannot express how much I would love to more than one serving of it. Simply Delicious!

Before moving onto desserts we had 2 cocktail drinks:

Jamie’s Italian Mojito

Sharlyn: Like a traditional mojito, this is just a ladies drink for a chilly night.

Jan: The mojito was a bit stronger than the Ice tea (which I finished by myself surprisingly!)

Jamie’s Grown-Up Ice Tea

Sharlyn: Jan ordered this again. Well I guess rum is a good winter warmer for men (haha). I have never tasted an ice tea with rum before, and because I’m not a rum drinker I found the cocktail to be ‘strong’ at some level of taste.

But both drinks we’re definitely good!


JI Warm Brownie

Sharlyn: Best dessert of the night! Nothing more nothing less. The warm fudgy chocolate brownie plus the simple yet flavoursome ice cream on top is just right!

Jan: #1 nuff said

Special Tiramisu

Sharlyn: A bit different to the traditional ones I use to eat, and unlike Jan I like the strong espresso hint to it! But I did thought the sponge cake flooded a bit in coffee hehe

Jan: The coffee was really really strong that as soon as you bite into it, the bitterness just affects the entirety of the dish. It was just personal preference though I think. (After tasting the tiramisu, I think I preferred drinking the ice tea more XD)

Sour Cherry Bakewell

Sharlyn: A very traditional european dessert. I would say this was good as the balance of sweet tart filling and sour cream balances the heavenly flavours. Yum!

Jan: It was a tart but sweet dessert and was a perfect way to end the night. It was all balanced in terms of its elements.


This is what Jan has to say about the restaurant “Overall, I felt like I wasn’t at a restaurant during the entire time – the atmosphere and the food was just so homely! The service was fantastic! But definitely get there early, or at least have someone organise it early to get tables easily.” I agree with what Jan that the service was efficient, the atmosphere and food was homely at Jamie’s Italian. I think Jamie’s Italian provides a dining experience which is value for money unlike many other restaurants which are overpriced in Perth. If the queue is very short or maybe if there is no queue at all, I will definitely be back in the future! Lastly, I would like to thank Jan for organising the dinner and to Jan and Sharlyn who contributed their reviews to this post! Happy 21st Birthday Jan and I hope you did have a great night and a good dinner! 🙂
My Rating of Jamie’s Italian : mmm (good)

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