A hearty Korean meal at Gangnam

Located at Waterford Plaza, Karawara is neighbourhood Korean eatery called Gangnam. Gangnam is a relaxed eatery that has an extensive menu of Korean food and delicacies from soups to Korean BBQ. We had the Seafood Soft Tofu Jigae ($17) which comprised … Continue reading A hearty Korean meal at Gangnam

The Gaya – revisited!

Once again, my family and I are back for dinner at The Gaya, Applecross. It has actually been a while since my very first visit and recently, we thought of making plans to dine at The Gaya. It was also a coincidence that Head Chef and Owner Leo invited me to return as there are new additions to the menu. While devouring on our starters, I had a chat with Leo and it was really great to hear that the Gaya has been doing well since its opening last year. Great job! To start, we had an Amuse Bouche comprising … Continue reading The Gaya – revisited!

The Gaya

What do you get when you have a fusion of korean with a western influence? The answer lies in The Gaya. I was invited to try a newly opened restaurant in Applecross called The Gaya by chef and owner, Leo. This was also my very first invitation from a restaurant to review their food too. The Gaya has a simple, clean cut decor and I really liked the atmosphere. It is perfect for any occasion, whether it is to catch up with friends, go on a date or to even have a casual dinner with the family. The setting is … Continue reading The Gaya

Palsaik Namoo Korean BBQ

For all pork lovers, rejoice! You are in for a treat for the 8 flavour pork belly. After hearing about Palsaik Namoo Korean BBQ from Urbanspoon and as a recommendation from my friend who has tried the 8 flavour pork belly in Melbourne, we decided to head to there for dinner with my family friends. The restaurant was full when we arrived. Apparently if the restaurant is full, you have to write your name down on the waiting list in front of the counter and take a number and wait for it to be called. As my friend’s mum was … Continue reading Palsaik Namoo Korean BBQ


After church in the evening, we decided to head to Sun BBQ for dinner. It was a perfect night for Korean BBQ as it was cold. The reason why we decided to go to Sun BBQ for dinner was from a recommendation made by one of dad’s friend. With music videos playing the latest Kpop hits, it definitely has set the scene for a Korean BBQ dinner. What I found interesting about Sun BBQ was the “metal-can lookalike” sort of seats. As I was looking around for a place to put my handbag and jacket, I did not realise that you … Continue reading Sun BBQ

Shilla Korean BBQ

안녕하세요! (Ann-yeong-ha-se-yo which means Hello in Korean) As the greeting suggests, another one of my favourite cuisine is Korean! Whether it is one of those romantic korean dramas, hilarious game shows (Running Man!) or K-pop (think Gangnam Style!), korean cuisine has been increasingly popular. There are many Korean restaurants in Perth but Shilla Korean BBQ is one of the Korean restaurants that my family and I are regular customers of. Whenever we come here for dinner, we usually share the dishes. For our starters, we ordered the Hae-Mul-Pa-Jeon ($18) which is the Korean style savoury pancake with spring onions and assorted … Continue reading Shilla Korean BBQ