The Gaya

What do you get when you have a fusion of korean with a western influence? The answer lies in The Gaya.

I was invited to try a newly opened restaurant in Applecross called The Gaya by chef and owner, Leo. This was also my very first invitation from a restaurant to review their food too. The Gaya has a simple, clean cut decor and I really liked the atmosphere. It is perfect for any occasion, whether it is to catch up with friends, go on a date or to even have a casual dinner with the family. The setting is very homely, welcoming and comfortable. We started with a complimentary rice pancake and I thought it was a great starter to start off the dinner.


The setting at The Gaya


Complimentary rice pancake

For our starters, we had the Beef Cream Roll ($14) and the Gaya Chicken ($14). We decided to order another dish for our starter which is the Japchae ($12) from the recommendation of our waitperson. Japchae is a Korean traditional dish consisting of pan fried sweet potato noodle, stir fried with various vegetables and beef wrapped with rice paper with Korean mustard. We enjoyed all the starters and thought that they were executed very well.



Beef Cream Roll


Gaya Chicken

Before we progress to the mains, the waitperson brought out a set of palate cleansers, while incorporating elements of Korean cuisine which consists of spicy tomato, sour cabbage and boiled potato with soya sauce.


Spicy tomato, sour cabbage and boiled potato with soya sauce

For our mains, we ordered the 36 hour Pork Belly ($30), Beef Short Rib ($30) and Bulgogi Ginseng Bibimbap ($28). The Beef Short Rib was soft and tender and the meat came off the bone easily as it was cooked for 24 hours. However, I thought that the sauce was a little bit salty, but that depends on an individual’s salt tolerance. If it was less salty, the dish would be perfect. The 36 hour Pork Belly was one of the favorites on our table. It was cooked perfectly and the pork belly was tender as it was cooked for 36 hours sous vide. The Bulgogi Ginseng Bibimbap is Leo’s take on the classic Korean dish. Mum seem to enjoyed the Bibimbap a lot and from my observations, I noticed a plate of Bibimbap on every table. With a small infusion of ginseng, this makes the Bibimbap stands out from the rest. Presenting the Bibimbap in a pasta dish definitely gives a modern take on the classic.

IMG_3923Bulgogi Ginseng Bibimbap


36 Hour Pork Belly


Beef Short Rib

To finish off our dinner, we had the Ho Tuck and the Red Misu. The Ho Tuck  is a pan fried rice flour cake. The pastry is crispy on the outside and soft inside, consisting of nuts such as pine nuts, topped with cinnamon. Who can’t resist that? The Ho Tuck was executed well, both in terms of presentation and flavour. The Red Misu was another winner on the table. The Gaya has put its own twist on the well-loved tiramisu by combining the tiramisu with red beans. Hence, it is called “Red Misu”. I really like how the Red Misu is presented in a little pot with edible chocolate stones and a little basil leaf (This is my first ever dessert in a pot!).  To complement our dessert, we had the Yuzu ($4) tea, a Korean traditional tea. Yuzu is a citrus fruit which resembles the grapefruit with overtones of mandarin orange. This was our first time having the Yuzu tea and we immediately fell in love with it. It is a perfect tea for finishing off a hearty meal.


Red Misu



My family and I enjoyed dining at The Gaya and the food was executed well with attention to detail.  The service, was friendly and efficient too. Compared to many other Korean restaurants in Perth, The Gaya offers a unique dining experience, fusing Korean and Western flavours. If you want to try something unique, why not give The Gaya a try? I highly recommend it! 🙂

Lastly, I would like to thank Leo and staff for inviting me to your restaurant and for cooking up a yummy dinner for us. We will definitely be back again for the lovely food!

Mel’s rating: mmmm (excellent)
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