The Hub Grill

Located among the shops in the Shelley Hub lies The Hub Grill, a true hidden gem. Everything is cooked from the heart to the table by the friendly chef and owner, Zaw, who is very welcoming and treats his customers like good friends. The staff at Hub Grill are also very friendly too. Although Zaw has a few waitstaff to assist him on weekends and sometimes one during weekdays, it is a one man band in the kitchen as all the dishes are cooked personally by Zaw.

This was my second visit to Hub Grill and this time I brought some family friends visiting from Malaysia and from Perth to Hub Grill for dinner. Although we had a very large group, it did not take too long for our meals to arrive on the table. For the starters, we had some Chili Mussels ($21.90) and Garlic Bread ($5). Everyone on the table loved the Chili Mussels. The sauce complements the fresh mussels well and it was delicious that we also mopped up all the sauce with the garlic bread! In a blink of the eye, the empty bowl was soon filled with empty mussel shells. It was so good that we had to order a second helping of Chili Mussels.


Chili Mussels


Garlic Bread

For our mains we had  2 seafood pasta and 3 pastas. It was a feast! The pastas were all very delicious and was cooked perfectly to al dente with a good amount of sauce. Portions were also very generous. The dishes can be shared if you don’t have a large appetite or stomach. Each of us took a taste test from all the dishes and agreed that the pastas were all equally good.


Spaghetti Carbonara


Seafood Velloute


Garlic Chicken Fettucine


Spaghetti in Clam Sauce


Ravioli Bolognese

We also had the Roasted Baby Goat ($25.50), Squid Ink Pasta Calamari ($25.50), Pork Belly with Chili Squid ($25.50)  from the Specials and the Steak of the Day ($27.50) The Steak was very juicy and succulent. It was cooked perfectly to medium leaving a hint of pink in the middle. Like the Steak, the Roasted Baby Goat was soft and tender and the meat fell off the bone easily. The Pork Belly was full of flavour and the sauce complemented the pork belly well.


Squid Ink Pasta Calamari


Roasted Baby Goat


Pork Belly with Chili Squid


Steak of the Day

To finish off a very satisfying dinner, we had some homemade desserts which were the Tiramisu ($7.50), Banana Pudding ($7.50) and the Flambe Banana ($11.50). The Tiramisu was very moist, smooth and creamy. It was delicious. The Banana Pudding and Flambe Banana was also very good too. It was perfect in flavour and not overly sweet. Everyone on the table enjoyed the desserts and it was definitely a great way to end a feast.




Banana Pudding


Flambe Banana

The Hub Grill also caters for large groups and private functions. Here are some other dishes offered at the Hub Grill. Make sure you don’t forget to ask for the specials too!


Steak Diane


Grilled Calamari

photo 2


I would like to thank  Zaw for cooking up a storm. Everyone from the table including our family friends who were visiting from Malaysia loved and enjoyed all the food. A simple restaurant that serves homely and hearty food will make you want to come back for more. You will definitely see us again soon!

Mel’s rating : mmmm (excellent)
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