BarPop Presents….Orchard Bar with Grill’d and Feral Brewing Co

Opened my gmail inbox one fine day and to my surprise, I found an invitation to experience and review the Grill’d Airstream at the Urban Orchard at the Perth Cultural Centre as a part of BarPop. The Grill’d Airstream is Grill’d’s unique take on a traditional burger van. From festivals, concerts, markets to local parks, you can find the Grill’d Airstream out and about all over the place while bringing delicious and healthy burgers to you. The Grill’d Airstream is taking its mouth-watering healthy burgers on the road with a Wild Wild West Burger Love Tour which kicks off across WA this week.


Eating and drinking under the stars


The Grill’d Airstream

I have passed by Urban Orchard several times on my way to the city. This was my first time spent at the Urban Orchard while indulging in a scrumptious, healthy burger and a refreshing drink under the stars. I had the Crispy Bacon & Cheese burger and mum had the Simply Grill’d. I enjoyed the Crispy Bacon & Cheese Burger a lot. The Crispy Bacon & Cheese burger consists of grilled grass fed lean beef, crispy trim bacon, tasty cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo. It was very delicious and full of flavour with a generous amount of ingredients. Mum enjoyed her Simply Grill’d burger too and thought that it was very tasty. We also had some thick cut chips with Grill’d herb mix and the Tomato Relish dip to complement our burgers. I thought that the food from the Grill’d Airstream was very consistent with the other Grill’d stores that I have been to around Perth.


The Crispy Bacon and Cheese Burger

After finishing our burgers, I decided to head to the Orchard Bar for some drinks to finish off the night. I could not decide which drink I should have as there were drinks by Matso’s and Feral Brewing Co. At the end, I settled for drinks from the Matso’s range. I had a taste test of all three drinks from Matso’s; Mango Beer, Lime Cider with Ginger and Ginger Beer. They were all really good but I decided to go for the Lime Cider with Ginger. It was definitely a refreshing drink to complement the burgers and would make a great drink for this weather.


Drinks by Matso’s


Orchard Bar at BarPop

Overall, I enjoyed the burgers and drinks offered at BarPop and I really liked the positive vibe and the friendly atmosphere. It was a very unique dining experience too. I am very thankful and honoured to be invited to experience and review the Grill’d Airstream and to check out BarPop.

BarPop is  currently running from 20th to 22nd November from Midday to 10.30 pm. If you happen to be in the city during those times and day, why not drop by Urban Orchard for some healthy burgers and drinks? Check out the tour dates too on the Grill’d website for where and when the next Grill’d Airstream will be. Who knows that it might be at a place near you soon!


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