Take me back to Malaysian Chinese food at Banana Leaf Catering

It’s been a while since I was last back in Malaysia and recently, I have been craving for Chinese and Malaysian food. For me, Banana Leaf Catering brings back memories of authentic Malaysian Chinese food with heartwarming dishes that are … Continue reading Take me back to Malaysian Chinese food at Banana Leaf Catering

Sate Kajang Haji Samuri at R&R Awan Besar, Kesas Highway

Come to KL and you ask any local, “Where can I find the best satays?” and most locals will associate the best satays with Sate Kajang HJ Samuri at Kajang. Throughout the years, the business has expanded to various locations in KL. One of the outlets which I tried during my recent trip is located at the Awan Besar Rest and Relax stop along the Kesas Highway. Apart from the satay outlet, there are also a few food stores or outlets which is worth checking out. At Sate Kajang, there’s a variety of satays you can choose to order from. … Continue reading Sate Kajang Haji Samuri at R&R Awan Besar, Kesas Highway

Taste Enclave Classic at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

You are out shopping at a massive shopping centre in the heart of KL. After visiting a few of your favourite stores in the morning, your tummy decides to make some noise and it’s time for a lunch break. But hang on, where do I go to eat? There’s just too many choices to choose from. While searching for my destination for lunch, I stumbled upon Taste Enclave Classic which has been open in Pavilion KL since August 2014. At Taste Enclave Classic, you can find authentic hawker fare and the difference with Taste Enclave at Avenue K is that … Continue reading Taste Enclave Classic at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur


To start off our second last day in Sydney, we head out to Mamak located in Chinatown for brunch. We arrived an hour early before Mamak opens and decided to take a short stroll around Chinatown and around Paddy’s Market. After our little adventure, we came back at 10 minutes to its opening and there was already a short queue outside! One step into Mamak and you won’t be able to miss the kitchen in front where you can see chefs in action as they made the roti. It feels like you are at an actual Mamak stall in Malaysia … Continue reading Mamak

PappaRich Carousel

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Wasamedia to celebrate the opening of PappaRich Carousel, which followed after the opening of PappaRich Northbridge in September. I remembered Matt and I had a huge feast when we were at PappaRich Northbridge and went home feeling very full and satisfied after. During this event, I was joined with fellow bloggers and our celebrity host, Poh Ling Yeow from Masterchef Australia Season One and her own TV show, Poh’s Kitchen to celebrate the opening of PappaRich Carousel. We started off with some drinks and I had the Matcha Rocks. I have been … Continue reading PappaRich Carousel

Tamarind Cafe

Tucked away from Gugeri Street is Claremont’s latest secret eatery, Tamarind Cafe. Tamarind Cafe is new to the Claremont dining scene as it has just recently opened 2 months ago offering a fusion of Australian and Malaysian dishes. Surrounded by residential apartments, the casual ambience and atmosphere at Tamarind Cafe with an alfresco dining area is suitable for customers to eat, relax and catch up over food. Tamarind Cafe is one hidden gem. As we were there on a Saturday night, we had no bookings and managed to get ourselves a table. For the mains, mum had the Seafood Laksa … Continue reading Tamarind Cafe


Last Tuesday, I attended the Ria Yelp’s Elite Event held at the newly refurbished Ria in Leederville. Ria has been a local institution in Leederville for Malaysian food. It has been ages since my last visit to Ria and I could notice the changes and how large the venue is now compared to a few years back. There’s outdoor and indoor seating areas and it’s so much more spacious now. To start off, we had the Crispy Prawns, Lotus Chips and Pork Belly Tacos to share. The Crispy Prawns had a light and fresh flavour with a crispy finish. I … Continue reading Ria