To start off our second last day in Sydney, we head out to Mamak located in Chinatown for brunch. We arrived an hour early before Mamak opens and decided to take a short stroll around Chinatown and around Paddy’s Market. After our little adventure, we came back at 10 minutes to its opening and there was already a short queue outside!

One step into Mamak and you won’t be able to miss the kitchen in front where you can see chefs in action as they made the roti. It feels like you are at an actual Mamak stall in Malaysia where you can watch the roti being made fresh on the spot. For my drink, I had the Teh Tarik ($4). It was thick, creamy and had a lovely balance of sweetness with a frothy finish at the top. I must admit that it is as good as the Teh Tariks that I had in Malaysia.


Teh Tarik ($4)

I had the Nasi Lemak ($9) which consists of a fragrant coconut rice accompanied by an ensemble of sambal, peanuts, crispy anchovies and hard-boiled eggs. When you order the Nasi Lemak, you are also given a choice to add either curry chicken, fish, lamb or vegetarian for $3. I chose the curry lamb as my add-ons. The rice was fragrant and it was soft and fluffy. I enjoyed the sambal the most – it had a great chilli kick to it with a little hint of sweetness. The Nasi Lemak overall was delicious but it would be better if there was more tender and juicy curry lamb on the side. YUM!


Nasi Lemak

From my dining experience that I had so far, I thought that the food at Mamak was quite authentic. You can find most of your usual mamak suspects here such as Roti, Satay, Murtabak, Rojak and Mee Goreng, just to name a few. I would definitely love to be back at Mamak one day to give their Roti a try! Mamak is definitely one place in Sydney where you can find authentic Malaysian food at a decent price.

Mel’s Rating : mmm (good)

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2 thoughts on “Mamak

  1. Being a Malaysian, the concept of Mamak feels so intuitive! So happy that some people had the guts to make a norm in Malaysia become a reality in Australia :)! The maggi goreng there is really nice too, but the Nasi Lemak is my order every time I visit Mamak in the Eastern States.

    1. It’s also great that we can find authentic mamak style food that is close to home too! πŸ™‚ I saw the maggi goreng when I was there and it looks good! Have to give it a try when I’m back again one day. πŸ™‚

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