Kura Kura

After a day spent relaxing and sitting around at Starbucks in Darling Harbour, we decided to head for an early dinner at Kura Kura so that we could retreat for an early night to do more packing. Kura Kura is located next to Market City at Haymarket. The restaurant is broken to two sections – an upstairs and downstairs section. The upstairs section gives you a restaurant feel and the downstairs eatery has a smaller space with a limited menu. We chose to proceed to the upstairs section and managed to find ourselves a table as we were there very early for dinner. Each table comes with an iPad where you can browse through the menu and place your order. It’s so convenient and super easy to use! IMG_6877

And…you place your order on the iPad!

To start off, we had the Okonomiyaki ($7.50) to share. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style savoury pancake lathered in otafuku sauce with a drizzle of mayo and toppings of spring onion, bonito flakes and pickled ginger. The Okonomiyaki was soft and fluffy with a slightly crisp finished on  the outside. IMG_6881


Ruiqi had the Karaage Chicken Udon ($11.50). Here’s Ruiqi’s review of her Karaage Chicken Udon – The chicken karaage was fried to perfection – crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It goes perfectly well with the udon and its rbothe which weren’t overwhelmingly tasty; in fact, it was just the right taste. After eating that many karaage dishes, this is one to recommend!


Karaage Chicken Udon ($11.50)

Val had the Oden ($10.90). Here’s her review – Kura Kura had authentic Japanese food! The Oden had a flavoursome soup base with fish cakes. The service was also good. A must try!


Oden ($10.90)

I had the Bukkake Sesame Beef Udon ($10.90), a Japanese traditional dish where warm dashi broth is poured over cold udon noodles and toppings. The Bukkake Sesame Beef Udon was delicious with a thick and flavoursome broth. The udon noodles were also perfectly cooked and springy. I really enjoyed this dish!


Bukkake Sesame Beef Udon ($10.90)

IMG_6886Of many places we have dined at during our trip to Sydney and Melbourne, Kura Kura was one of the most reasonable dinners. There was a lot of variety on the menu and the atmosphere at Kura Kura was warm and inviting. For such delicious and good food at a decent price, it is no wonder Kura Kura is so popular among Sydney locals. 

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

Kura at Haymarket on Urbanspoon


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