Le Monde and Kurtosh

To start off our last day in Sydney, we head down towards Surry Hills and had a little adventure around where we stayed for the past few days. After consulting Urbanspoon for some good cafes around Surry Hills, we decided to stop by at Le Monde for brunch.

I had the Potato Rosti ($16) with smoked house bacon, spinach feta, poached egg, hollandaise sauce and pistachio. I enjoyed the potato rosti and thought that it was deliciously crispy on the outside and flavoursome. The pistachios gave a lovely crunch to the dish which complements well with the saltiness of the feta. Oh and not forgetting the liquid orange flowing out from the perfectly poached egg. It was spot on perfect!


Potato Rosti with smoked house bacon, spinach, feta, poached egg, hollandaise sauce and pistachio

One of my travel mates, Val had the Eggs Benedict ($16) with with black gorest gypsy ham and hollandaise sauce on English muffin. Looking at Val’s dish, the hollandaise sauce looks sinfully rich and creamy. MMMM. She enjoyed her eggs benedict and thought that it was a good and hearty dish.


Eggs Benedict

After our satisfying brunch at Le Monde, we continued our little adventure around Surry Hills. We passed by more cafes along the way and I must admit that some of them look good and I am sure that they have a good rating on Urbanspoon too! It does feels like foodie heaven at Surry Hills. After a short walk, we finally arrived at Kurtosh. Kurtosh comes from Kürtőskalács, a traditional Hungarian pastry known as the chimney cake because it looks like a chimney! The cylindrical yeast pastry consists of a marriage of caramelised crispy flaky outer with soft inner walls and you can find them sold as street snacks from carts in Hungary. One step inside and you get to see the chef in action using a giant rolling pin and a thin ribbon of dough, skillfully coiling the dough around the rolling pin ready to be baked to sweet golden full of goodness. 

The kurtosh comes in a variety of flavours. I had the cinnamon ($7.50) and almond ($8.50) and I must say that they are really delicious when it is freshly made. This is my first time having a kurtosh and I liked it!

Oh and If you are ever at Kurtosh, do check out their range of baked pastries and cakes by the slab and they are sold by weight. It’s a dessert heaven at Kurtosh!


IMG_6895Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

Le Monde on Urbanspoon Kürtősh on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Le Monde and Kurtosh

    1. I never realised that Surry Hills had so many places with good food! Yes you should definitely give those two places a try 🙂

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