Take me back to Malaysian Chinese food at Banana Leaf Catering

It’s been a while since I was last back in Malaysia and recently, I have been craving for Chinese and Malaysian food. For me, Banana Leaf Catering brings back memories of authentic Malaysian Chinese food with heartwarming dishes that are full of flavour.

Banana Leaf Catering is located in the heart of Malaga, serving authentic Asian, Chinese and Malaysian cuisines. Banana Leaf has an extensive menu with plenty of choices to choose from or if you can’t make up your mind, ask Chef/Owner Chai for his recommendations and specials of the day. But anyway, here are a few of my favourites:

Teochew Steam Fish – The fish was steamed to perfection and flavoursome. It’s sour, savoury and appetizing that you can also drink the broth or have it together with the fish. The other ingredients such as minced pork, tomato, corn and garnishing completed the dish well.


My next favourite is the Golden Fragrant Clams also known as Kam Heong Clams. As the name suggests, the clams were fresh and fragrant in flavour that will tantalise your tastebuds.


The Butter Egg Prawn is another one of my favourites. If you are wondering what the yellow floss is, that’s the deep fried butter. The prawns are fresh in flavour and crispy, complementing well with the melt in your mouth deep fried butter. Delicious!


Banana Leaf Catering has Penang Prawn Noodles, a Malaysian Hawker classic that is available only on the weekends for $10.50. In my opinion, I think these prawn noodles are one of the most authentic in Perth, so tasty and you could tell prawn heads and shells were used to make the broth as it was so flavoursome.


Also, don’t forget to try the Paper Wrapped Chicken, Deep Fried Kailan and Curry Fish Head too. With Chinese New Year coming up,  celebrate your reunion dinner at Banana Leaf Catering with Banana Leaf’s Chinese New Year banquet. Check out the Banana Leaf Catering Facebook page for their menu and a 24 hours pre order is essential for the banquets.




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