A sweet start to 2017 with Freddie’s Strudels


Love durian? Love strudels? Love both? If you say yes, your dream has come true. Freddie’s Strudels has recently opened in Northbridge and it is my new favourite place for strudels and pastries.

Being a huge fan of durian and having a massive craving for it, my family and I head over to Freddie’s Strudels to get our durian fix. One bite and wow, the durian strudels at Freddie’s strudels were amazing. The pastry was spot on crispy in texture, complementing well with the strong durian flavours. If you love durian, I highly recommend trying the durian cream puff. One bite of the cream puff and there’s a burst of creaminess from the durian cream. According to mum, she felt like she was eating an actual durian when she had the cream puff.


We also tried another one of their strudels, the Mango Strudel. Fresh in season mango is used in the mango strudel. I really loved the refreshing and sweet flavours of the mango complementing well with the flaky, crispy pastry. It is a strudel which shouts summer!


Freddie’s strudels is definitely worth checking out for the durian lovers and the sweet tooth. It’s the perfect place to catch up with friends over coffee and pastries too. For me, I think I know where to go now to satisfy my durian cravings.



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