Following my Hakka roots at Rossmoyne Chinese Restaurant

Whenever we crave for Malaysian or Chinese food, we often take a drive down to suburbs south of the river to satisfy our cravings. Living up north of the river, we are left with limited choices of Asian eateries. I first heard of Rossmoyne Chinese Restaurant from Helen (@helenrelativelifestyle) who told me that they serve authentic Malaysian Hakka dishes. From there, I knew right away that I have to pay Rossmoyne Chinese Restaurant a visit.

To start off, we had the Hakka fried pork ($8.80). Hakka fried pork is one of the traditional Hakka dishes. Surrounded by a thin crispy layer, the Hakka fried pork is tender and flavourful. Let me warn you – it’s pretty addictive.


We ordered a Hakka style stuffed tofu 8 pieces ($16.80), one of their signature dishes. The silky soft tofu complements well with the flavourful stuffed minced pork and the light flavours of the sauce. This is definitely a must order.


From looking at photos on Instagram, I already had my eye on the braised ginger duck ($22.80). It’s my all time favourite Hakka dish and we were lucky that the braised ginger duck was available during my last visit. The braised ginger duck was flavoursome with a strong, rich aroma from the ginger. Dad enjoyed this dish a lot too and had another serving of rice to mop up the sauce. It’s a very heartwarming dish.


We also shared a crispy salted egg yolk bittergourd ($15.80). I am not a big fan of bittergourd but I love this dish because it’s not too overly bitter. Crispy on the outside, the bitterness of the bittergourd is balanced well with the saltiness of the salted egg yolk.


We had one of the specials, the Hakka braised pork knuckle, cooked in slow fire with the Chef’s secret recipe sauce ($38.80). This was a very hearty dish. The pork knuckle was braised to perfection where the tender meat was falling off the bone. It’s very scrumptious and texturally well balanced.


It was a true Hakka feast. We enjoyed the food very much and it’s really great to see a place in Perth serving authentic Hakka dishes. The service was friendly and efficient – I love how the ladies were wearing traditional Hakka clothing. I can’t wait to be back for lunch to check out their noodle dishes. Hakka food cravings satisfied.

Rossmoyne Chinese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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