Sate Kajang Haji Samuri at R&R Awan Besar, Kesas Highway

Come to KL and you ask any local, “Where can I find the best satays?” and most locals will associate the best satays with Sate Kajang HJ Samuri at Kajang. Throughout the years, the business has expanded to various locations in KL. One of the outlets which I tried during my recent trip is located at the Awan Besar Rest and Relax stop along the Kesas Highway. Apart from the satay outlet, there are also a few food stores or outlets which is worth checking out.

At Sate Kajang, there’s a variety of satays you can choose to order from. There’s your usual suspects – chicken, beef tenderloin and lamb. But there’s also your not-very-common satays – fish, beef tripe, chicken liver and gizzard, deer and rabbit. For the night, we had the chicken, beef tenderloin, lamb and fish satay. I thought that the satays were grilled to perfection, well marinated and flavoursome. The chicken, beef and lamb satay were tender and juicy. This was also my first time having fish satay and I actually enjoyed it. It was cooked well and the fish was fresh and soft.

The satays also comes with two bowls of sauces; a large serve of peanut sauce and a small bowl of chilli paste. If you like it spicy, the chilli paste will give you a chilli kick to your satay. The peanut sauce is tasty and you can also find tiny chunks of boiled peanuts which are soft in the peanut sauce. A great complement to the satays.


Overall, the satays were delicious and it is value for money. It also didn’t take too long for our satays to be ready. Can’t stand the heat and humidity? No worries at all. You can always indulge in your satays under the comfort of the air-conditioned dining area. It’s a crime to leave Malaysia without trying or having satays.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

Sate Kajang HJ Samuri 
Stall AB-8
R&R Awan Besar
Lebuhraya Shah Alam (Kesas Highway)
Tel: 03 7770 3835 


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