Mr. Munchies Sushi

For quite some time until to this day, Mr. Munchies have been the talk of the town, famous for their sushi rolls or make your own sushi or salad. It is truly a hidden gem tucked away in a shopping arcade in Mount Lawley. Being the indecisive me, I opted to order from the menu instead, but I will definitely be back one day to customise my sushi rolls!

We had the Mr Munchies Special Sushi Salad ($10.50) to start off with. It’s a combination of rocket, spinach, sushi rice, salad and chopped fresh salmon, tuna, steamed prawn served with cherry tomatoes and a choice of dressing, which we chose the sweet chilli sauce. The salad was very fresh in flavour, topped with glistening sweet chilli sauce which gives a punch of acidity and a hint of sweetness to the salad.

Mr Munchies Special Sushi Salad with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Not long after, our rolls arrived and each of the sushi rolls were quite large in size. We had the Naughty Coconut Roll (Small for $11) which comprises of lamb with sweet potato salad and lettuce, dressed with coconut tamarind sauce, topped with chilli and coconut flakes and served with lime. I thought this sushi roll was interesting – it feels like “Nasi Lemak” in a form of a sushi roll from the coconut flakes and the tenderness of the lamb pieces, similar to a rendang. To my surprise, the flavours actually do work together quite well and it was very tasty.


Naughty Coconut Roll

Next up was the 2 Ways Duck Roll (small serve for $11) consisting of duck confit, grilled capsicum, steamed prawn, hoisin sauce, garlic chips and roasted duck breast. This is probably one of my favourite sushi rolls which I had on that day. The duck is cooked to perfection, juicy and tender, complementing well with the sweetness of the hoisin sauce.


2 Ways Duck Roll

We also shared a Crunchy Spider Roll (large serve for $17.50) which comprises of deep fried soft shell crab, iceberg lettuce, cucumber topped with white sesame sauce and shallots. The soft shell crab was deep fried to crisp with a crunch on every bite, balancing well with the soft textures of the sushi rice.

IMG_7561 Crunchy Spider Roll

Okay we are definitely getting there….last but not least is the Mr Munchies Roll (large serve for $16.50) consisting of tiger prawn fritters with crabsticks, sweet eggs and avocado served with chilli mayo and tobiko. The Mr Munchies Roll is like a roll bursting full of delicious goodies and was full of flavour together with a subtle spicy hint from the chilli mayo.


Mr Munchies Roll Large

We were super full and satisfied after but yes, we did end up finishing everything! For such generous sushi rolls, it is definitely value for money. The only comment that I can give is that the sushi rolls aren’t as packed as neatly, as you may get rice and ingredients spilling out. Apart from that, the food at Mr. Munchies is fresh, delicious and it is definitely comfort food for your belly. Yes, I will definitely be back to customise my own sushi rolls next! What are some of your favourite customise your own sushi roll combinations?

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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