Dessert Degustation at The Trustee Bar and Bistro

Have you ever dreamed of a dessert only degustation? If you have, your wish has just come true.

During the month of Eat Drink Perth (until April 24), The Trustee Bar and Bistro brings you a five course dessert degustation full of sweet, indulgent desserts and treats at only $24 per person. There are also no menus set in stone for the dessert degustation as it changes everyday based on the chef’s inspiration and availability of produce. Be prepared to be surprised!

We started off with the first course which is a mini vanilla bean ice cream cone with popcorn and caramel, topped with a sprinkle of wattle seed. The highlights of this course is the caramel, which was absolutely delicious. One taste of the caramel and you will be hooked to scrape or lick every trace of caramel on the plate.


Miniature vanilla bean ice cream with popcorn, caramel and wattle seed

The second course comprises of a creme brulee tart with green apple gel, salted caramel, poached cherry apple and apple with a hint of shortbread and lemon balm. The creme brulee tart was divine and the pastry was executed to perfection, a melt in your mouth. Together with the apple gel, poached apple and cherry apple and lemon balm, there is a lovely combination of fresh flavours and sour textures.


Creme Brulee Tart with apple gel, poached cherry apple and apple

After the second course, I was excited to see what the next course was and I was secretly hoping that the Trustee’s iconic snickers bar will make an appearance in the dessert degustation. My wish had come true! The third course was indeed the Trustee’s snickers bar with salted caramel and peanut ice cream. Enclosed in the snickers bar is a layer of creamy chocolate mousse on top of the peanut wafer base surrounded by a chocolate outer. It was rich, indulgent and decadent together with the flavoursome salted caramel and peanut ice cream. Heavenly!


 Trustee’s Snickers Bar with salted caramel and peanut ice cream

 Course number four is the Lychee sorbet with rosewater panacotta and agar agar. This was a very refreshing dessert which is a nice contrast to the previous course. Unlike the snickers bar, the flavours were light and delicate which definitely shouts the season of summer in a cocktail glass!


Lychee sorbet with rosewater panacotta and agar agar

So far so good. Last but not least, we had a macaron and a spearmint milkshake as a palate cleanser as our final course. It was a refreshing finish to the dessert degustation with a great, strong presence of spearmint flavour in the milk. The macaron itself was topnotch and delectable with a luscious chocolate filling in the middle. What a great way to end the dessert degustation!


Housemade macaron and spearmint milkshake

If you ask me to pick my favourite out of the five courses, it will be hard for me to choose a favourite because I enjoyed them all and thought that each of the course were executed well! Overall, It was such a great, enjoyable experience and I was full and very satisfied after.

To all you sweet tooths and lovers of desserts, don’t miss out on the five course dessert degustation at The Trustee Bar and Bistro. Yes, you will definitely be taken to dessert heaven!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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