The Shipping Lane

On a fine Wednesday morning, Jess, my foodie partner in crime (follow her on Instagram @keepcalmandjusteat) and I decided to go on a foodie adventure at The Shipping Lane, North Fremantle. There was a bit of rain and cloud but nothing stopped us from going to The Shipping Lane for brunch.

It took us a while to decide what to order but after consulting Instagram and our waitperson, we finally came to a decision.  We had the Spider Roll ($23) which comprises of soft shell crab, sliced apple, cucumber and lettuce with spinach net, balsamic reduction and mayo sauce. First impression of the spider roll? WOW. It was impressive together with its presentation well executed with attention to detail. It just looks too pretty to be eaten with bright colours bursting of green. We enjoyed every bite of the Spider Roll – it was fresh in flavour with a crunch from every bite, evident from the crisp texture of the soft shell crab.


 Spider Roll ($23)

We also shared the crispy potato stack ($18) with haloumi, avocado, pumpkin jam, crispy potato skin, quinoa salad, greens and mint sour cream. After scrolling through Instagram and seeing how popular and pretty this dish looks – instantly, we knew that it’s a must order! The crispy potato stack was as delicious as it looks. There were a lovely combination of flavours from the dish, making it so flavoursome and delightful on your tastebuds. Oh and not forgetting the potato cake at the bottom, with a hint of crisp and it’s starchy texture. I am a huge potato fan and I am over the moon for The Shipping Lane’s crispy potato stack! Thumbs up!

IMG_7764Crispy Potato Stack ($18)

Overall, we enjoyed the food at The Shipping Lane very much. With its airy interior and atmosphere, it is no doubt that The Shipping Lane is popular for a catch up over coffee and good food with views overlooking the Indian Ocean and a lovely sea breeze. I can’t wait to be back to try the other dishes on their menu!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

The Shipping Lane on Urbanspoon


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