Straits Cafe Wine and Cheese Masterclass

Recently, I was invited to attend a Wine and Cheese Masterclass organised by Straits Cafe together with Blue Cow Cheese at Straits Cafe, Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough. We kicked off the evening with some champagne and canapes such as arancini balls and oysters while mingling around with other attendees of the masterclass.


During each of the six cheese pairings from Blue Cow Cheese with six wines from Vasse Felix, we were given some background information about each cheese and wine.

Cheese and Wine pairing number one is the D’Argental Lingot and the 2013 Heytesbury Chardonnay. This was one of my favourites of the night. The D’Argental Lingot is a modern French cheese famous for it’s silken, buttery, rich flavour leaving a clean texture on the palate. It’s a great complement with the Heytesbury Chardonnay, keeping it clean with a rich, vibrant and aromatic flavour.

The second course is the Marie Harel Pont L’eveque Petit AOC with the Premier Chardonnay. This cheese usually produced during Lent, is unique for it’s pungent aroma, characteristic of a forest floor mushroom on the outside with a creamy inside. Together with the Premier Chardonnay, it gave a luscious finish on the palate from its delicate fruity flavours.

Next up was The Fine Cheese Co Cave Aged Cheddar and 2011 Heytesbury. The cheddar is cave aged and murtured in natural caves, presented in a traditional cheesecloth wrap to allow breathing whilst maturing. Overall, the cheddar has a gentle, sophisticated texture with a hint of salt and nuttiness. It is also full and creamy with a tangy bite. The 2011 Heytesbury is a combination of fine fruit, floral and summer floral characters, giving a soften and fruity finish.


Top left clockwise : D’Argental Lingot, Marie Harel Pont L’eveque Petit AOC, The Fine Cheese Co Cave Aged Cheddar, Rolf Beeler Gruyere AOC extra, Queso Puro de Cabra Xmenez, Gabriel Roquefort


The six wines from Vasse Felix

The fourth cheese and wine pairing comprises of the Rolf Beeler Gruyere AOC extra with the 2012 Cabernet Savignon. The Gruyere is a Swiss cheese which originates from Switzerland. It’s great balance is developed during the 6 months of maturation, washed in pure water and not salt brine to allow the cheese to retain its natural flavours without getting over salty. Tastewise, it was nutty, sweet with a caramel finish on the palate. It’s matching wine counterpart, the 2012 Cabernet Savignon is fruity in flavour with an exceptional poise and persistence.

The fifth pairing is the Queso Puro de Cabra Xmenez and the 2014 Sauvignon Blanc Semillion. The Queso Puro originates from Andalucia, Spain and is bathed in Pedro Ximenez wine for 4 weeks. It has a sweet, slightly salty taste and an edible wine coloured rine. The 2014 Sauvignon Blanc Semillion permeates a generous fruity flavour from citrus fruits and herbs, giving it’s mouth watering acidity and a cleansing finish.

Last pairing is the Gabriel Roquefort and Filius Chardonnay. The Gabriel Roquefort is also known as the World’s greatest blue cheese from it’s natural mould from the cavern air which enhances the heavenly and intense spicy, salty and complex flavours. It is a matchmake in heaven with the Filius Chardonnay. The Filius Chardonnay has bright citrus notes with a natural acidity and a luscious creamy and dry finish.


We had a great time at the Wine and Cheese Masterclass and I definitely learnt so much about cheese and wine pairing. It was a lovely evening sipping on wine and indulging in some cheese while enjoying the beautiful setting and sunset views of the Indian Ocean.

I would like to thank Axelle from Rendezvous Scarborough for the invitation to attend the Straits Cafe Wine and Cheese Masterclass.

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