The Modern Eatery

If you love sushi, you are in for a treat. Head down to the heart of Fremantle and you will find The Modern Eatery, located along High Street. The Modern Eatery is an institution for sushi with their speciality in aburi sushi. From checking out some photos on Instagram to reading reviews from Urbanspoon and blog posts from fellow food bloggers, I decided that it’s time to head down to Fremantle and check out The Modern Eatery.

To start, we had the Kamikaze Roll ($12) from the selection of Craft Rolls which comprises of ebi tempura, shredded crab meat and avocado with aburi sauce and masago. One bite and you get a burst of flavours, from the crunchy texture of the ebi tempura to the sweetness of the aburi sauce. Apart from nailing the flavours, the sushi roll was perfect. It was rolled neatly and tight, holding the rice and ingredients together. Perfect!


  Kamikaze Roll

Next to arrive was the Fry Me To The Moon ($15) (I am really loving all these interesting names given to sushi rolls!) which is a deep fried roll with cooked salmon and cream cheese with sweet chilli mayo and sweet soy. This was my first time trying a deep fried sushi roll and I’ll admit, I’m hooked! It’s an interesting one compared to the common sushi roll as it’s crunchy on the outside with a hint of sweetness and smooth, creamy cream cheese inside.


Fry me to the moon

As recommended, we had the Signature Combo ($23) which comprises of 1 piece of Aburi Salmon Nigiri, Aburi Tuna Nigiri, Aburi Hotate Nigiri and 2 pieces of Salmon Oshi and Ebi Oshi. The nigiri pieces were fresh in flavour topped with a slab of juicy salmon, tuna and hotate. For me, the star of the signature combo would be the salmon and ebi oshi, which is the pressed salmon and ebi with aburi sauce and sweet soy. The salmon and ebi aburi is lightly seared on the top with a blow torch giving that slight charred finish. Texturally, it was melt in your mouth, slightly smokey and creamy in flavour. Impeccable! As the salmon oshi was melt in your mouth amazing, we decided to order and indulge in another serve of Salmon Oshi ($16).


Signature Combo


Salmon Oshi

We also had the Baby Dragon ($13) to share. The baby dragon roll consists of unagi, cucumber and avocado, topped with unagi sauce. I love how the creaminess of the avocado makes the sushi roll fresh, complementing the delicious and tasty unagi, topped off with a hint of sweetness from the unagi sauce.

IMG_7946Baby Dragon

A good dinner is never complete without a sweet finish. For desserts, we had a serve of Green Tea Creme Brulee ($15). It was caramelised on the top with smooth, sweet and creamy layers of strong green tea flavoured custard. I love my green tea and it was a great way to finish the night!


Green Tea Creme Brulee

The Modern Eatery is indeed a modern sushi eatery with a play of modern flavours, making their sushi rolls and sushi special and unique. Not only the food is modern, but do take a look around the interior. It is simple, modern and contemporary.  With such fresh, good quality sushi, The Modern Eatery is no doubt going to be very popular among Fremantle and Perth locals. I will be back for more and I highly recommend The Modern Eatery!

Mel’s rating : mmmmm (take me to foodie heaven)

The Modern Eatery on Urbanspoon


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