Brotzeit at 140 William

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Ever since Brotzeit has first landed in Perth, it has been the talk of the town with 140 William being the home to Brotzeit’s first outlet in Perth. As a leading German casual concept restaurant franchise in Asia, Brotzeit brings authentic German cuisine accompanied by quality German beers in a contemporary setting. Currently, there are 18 outlets in seven countries and they are looking to expand to China and Australia. After a long day at the Spartan Race, I decided to reward myself with a hearty feast at Brotzeit.

To start off, we had a beer tasting tray ($13) which consists of six 100ml draft beers. Starting from the right, there’s the Paulaner Lager, Paulaner Dunkel Wheat, Warsteiner Pilsner, Konig Ludwig Wheat, Weihenstephanner Wheat and Weihenstephanner Lager. Out of the six, my favourites has to be the Paulaner Lager and the Weihenstephanner Wheat. The Paulaner Lager is one of the best selling Munich lager in the world with a clean, happy nose with a golden colour, making it light and easy to drink. The Weihenstephanner Wheat is flavoursome with an aroma of cloves and its refreshing banana flavour. IMG_7973

Beer Tasting ($13)

We shared a Brotzeitplatte or Brotzeit Platter ($88) comprises of pork knuckle, best of Brotzeit sausages, honey Bavarian Pork Ribs or Schnitzel and 2 side dishes of your choice which we chose mash potatoes and mixed vegetables. Served on a wooden board, it was an impressive spread designed to serve 4-5 hungry people. 


Brotzeit platter ($88)

Just take a look at the Schweinshaxn/Pork knuckle (Yes, you are allowed to drool!). Crispy crackling. Tender meat. Need I say anything more? I’ll let the photo below speak for itself.


The honey Bavarian pork ribs or Ripperl was as fantastic as the pork knuckle. Juicy, tender and flavoursome as it was infused with beer and lathered with honey. You will definitely be licking off the bone for this one.

IMG_7976The best of Brotzeit sausages comprises of the grilled pork (nurnburger), spicy chicken, smoked pork, pork cheese, pork veal (weisswurst). The sausages were cooked to perfection, meaty and tasty. It’s hard to tell which is my favourite. I loved them all although the spicy chicken sausage is a tad spicy, giving a chili kick but it was bearable.



We really had a meaty feast at Brotzeit and it was delicious and very satisfying. Service was friendly and excellent although it was busy on a Saturday night. The interior and ambience was also simple, modern, airy with an open space. So, what do I have to bring to Brotzeit? An empty stomach of course! What are you waiting for? Grab your mates, have a beer and go indulge in a German feast!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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3 thoughts on “Brotzeit at 140 William

  1. I wonder why Rob Broadfield slammed this place when all I’ve seen are raving reviews elsewhere! My friend from Singapore which super-high standards also says the franchise is good.

    1. I saw his review a few weeks ago and I am also wondering as to why he has slammed this place 😦 Despite his harsh comments, I was there on a Saturday night and it was pretty busy haha so it definitely did not deter anyone from visiting Brotzeit 🙂 I have also tried the Malaysian franchise and it was also quite good.

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