Saying “NeNe” to Nene Fried Chicken

A new addition to the bustling food scene at Victoria Park is Nene Fried Chicken. With three operating stores in Melbourne, the Victoria Park store is Nene’s fourth store in the whole of Australia. What does “Nene” means? Nene simply means “Yes!Yes!” in Korean. And when you think of fried chicken, I am sure most of us will definitely say “Nene”!

On a weeknight, Elwyn and I decided to have a quick dinner at Nene Fried Chicken before meeting a friend. The store was quite busy when we arrived but we did not wait too long for our food. We went for the half and half, with our choice of Original and the Freaking Hot which comes with a serve of radish and coleslaw. I enjoyed my original and thought that the batter was crunchy on the outside and the chicken was juicy and tender inside. As a sucker for spicy food, Elwyn enjoyed his Freaking Hot chicken. I tasted a small piece of the Freaking Hot and for me, an individual who can only tolerate spicy food to an extent found that the Freaking Hot was really freaking hot. If you love it spicy, you will love the Freaking Hot chicken.


We ordered a serve of Bulchi chips which is served with signature minced Bulgogi beef, sliced kimchi, sour cream, sliced spring onion and topped with white toasted sesame seeds. It was delicous and bursting full of flavour.


To finish off, we had a black sesame and green tea soft serve for $2 each. It’s by far the best value soft serve ice cream I have came across in Perth. I enjoyed my green tea soft serve because I love green tea but the other half prefers the black sesame over green tea. Green tea vs black sesame? I would say it’s up to your own preference.


As I only had the original fried chicken and a bit of the Freaking Hot at Nene Chicken, I would love to be back to try their different flavours and of course, get my $2 soft serve green tea ice cream fix.

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