A hearty Korean meal at Gangnam

Located at Waterford Plaza, Karawara is neighbourhood Korean eatery called Gangnam. Gangnam is a relaxed eatery that has an extensive menu of Korean food and delicacies from soups to Korean BBQ.

We had the Seafood Soft Tofu Jigae ($17) which comprised of mixed fresh seafood with tofu, vegetables and a dash of chilli in hot spicy soup. I love Korean soups and how heartwarming they can make you feel especially on a rainy day. To me, Korean soups are definitely comfort food for the soul. The seafood soft tofu jigae at Gangnam was deliciously heartwarming and had a lovely hint of spice to it. I really enjoyed the soft textures of the tofu floating around in the soup.


Next up we had the Combination Chicken ($36), a combination of half original and half sweet and spicy fried chicken. The fried chicken at Gangnam was deep fried to perfectly crisp and crunchy and the chicken was super juicy. At Gangnam, the sweet and spicy fried chicken is glazed with Gangnam’s special sauce and topped with peanut garnish. It’s a lovely combination of sweet and spicy flavours. For $36 it is pretty good value too. We could not finish all our fried chicken and had to do a take away.


From recommendation of our waitperson, we had the Grilled Beef Rib ($23) which consists of grilled sliced beef ribs, marinated in Galbi sauce. The beef rib was marinated perfectly to being so flavourful, succulent and very tender. There is just so much flavour in the beef rib in this dish.


Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience at Gangnam and the food feels authentically Korean. With so many choices to choose from on the menu, I think a second visit might very well be on the way.

The views expressed are entirely the writer’s own. We would like to thank Gangnam Perth for having us and for serving the delicious Korean food. 
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