The Tiny Tuckshop, a suburban hidden gem

Willetton or South of the River locals, you are in luck! There is a hidden gem located right in your area.

The Tiny Tuckshop is located in the heart of suburban Willetton. This family run restaurant may be tiny in space but the menu is eclectic and the food is flavoursome. Recently, we were invited along with a few other Perth foodies to try out the food at the Tiny Tuckshop.

We started off with the Toasted Double Pork Belly Buns ($8). The toasted double pork belly buns were absolutely delicious. The bao was super soft and fluffy and the pork belly was tender. There was also spring onion, cucumber and coriander which gave a hint of fresh flavours to the pork belly buns. The Hoisin sauce added sweetness to the buns which reminded us of similar flavours to Peking Duck pancakes.


We also started with the Seoul Wings ($9 for 7 pieces), inspired by Korean Style Crispy Fried Chicken. The chicken wings are tossed in sticky, sweet chilli sauce (dakgangjeong). It’s crispy on the outside with a really good chilli kick. Finger licking good.


The Fish Tacos ($17) was next and this was one of Alexperthfoodie’s favourite. Deep fried beer battered flathead, chipotle slaw, avocado, tomato and jalapeno salsa, served on toasted tortilla. Doesn’t that sound amazing already? When you have all the elements together, it felt like a party on the tastebuds. There’s crispyness from the fish, fresh flavours from the tomato and jalapeno salsa, creamy textures from the avocado to the nice crunch from the chipotle slaw. It’s the perfect dish with a nice cool beer on a hot summers day!


We saved this one for the last because we believed this was the star of the evening which I am sure everyone would agree. The last dish we had was the Ox-Tail Spaghetti ($19) which comprised of red wine braised ox-tail served on buttered spaghetti. So far, there is no place in Perth that I know of serving Ox-Tail Spaghetti apart from the Tiny Tuckshop. It’s bold in flavours and very hearty. The tender ox-tail simply falls off the bone easily and the sauce was so flavourful. Even the spaghetti was deliciously buttery. Our favourite of the night!


Our conclusion? The Tiny Tuckshop is definitely one true hidden gem. The food here is cooked and served with quality and love. We will definitely be back here again (only we wished that we lived a little bit closer!)

The views expressed are entirely the writer’s own. We would like to thank Tiny Tuckshop for the delicious food served and to Alexperthfoodie for organising. 

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