On a cool, cloudy Autumn’s day, my dining buddy and I decided to set out for our foodie adventure, exploring some of Perth’s cafes and eateries. As I had just finished teaching a BodyCombat class, we head towards Flinderz for a fulfilling and satisfying meal.

I had the Salmon with green pea mash ($20) from the lunch special. The salmon was poached to perfection, tender and juicy, with a crisp skin. Sitting under the salmon, is the green pea mash which was creamy and fluffy. And also, not forgetting the freshness of the salad; full of acidity on the side which complements well with the salmon and green pea mash. IMG_7744

 Salmon Lunch Special

My brunch and lunch buddy, Jess, had the Chicken Turkish ($18), which comprises of grilled chicken with avocado salsa, swiss cheese and house cut chips. I had a taste test of the chicken turkish and it was delicious. The chicken, grilled to perfection was tender and was not too dry. The avocado salsa adds a hint of creaminess to the the chicken turkish and the melted swiss cheese was like the cherry on top. We loved the house cut chips too and thought that they were really tasty. It was addictive.

IMG_7740Chicken Turkish ($18)

To finish a well satisfying lunch, we had a yoghurt cake to share ($4.50). The yoghurt cake was texturally well balanced with   a balance of moist and dense textures. Topped with a cherry compote, it gave an additional punch of sweetness to the yoghurt cake.


Yoghurt cake

Overall, Jess and I had a great dining experience at Flinderz and we thought that the service was friendly and attentive. As I was at Flinderz only for lunch, I’m already looking forward to be back to try the food from the breakfast and dinner menu!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

Flinderz on Urbanspoon


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