James Parker

New to the Northbridge dining scene is Japanese restaurant, James Parker. Why James Parker? Because James Parker is located on the corner of James and Parker Street. Put the two street names together and you get James Parker. I have passed by James Parker several times when I was in Northbridge and was attracted by the entrance. On a weeknight, my friends and I decided that James Parker will be a good choice to catch up over dinner. Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted with a modern interior and welcoming atmosphere which has a feel of a modern Izakaya style restaurant. It’s slick, intimate and classy.

To start, we shared four pieces of three types of sashimi ($28). There’s salmon, tuna and kingfish. It’s texturally delicate, fresh with a subtle flavour and good quality. IMG_7956

 Three different types of sashimi

My two friends shared the Aburi Salmon Roll ($19) and Eel Dragon Roll ($20). When it first arrived, presentation was spot on with attention to detail – it looks too perfect to eat! I took a taste test of each of the rolls and they were delicious. The aburi salmon on top of the roll was juicy and melt in your mouth and the grilled eel was just as tasty and flavoursome with an added sweetness from the teriyaki sauce. It’s like icing on the cake. The sushi rice was also rolled compactly and neatly, holding the ingredients together.


Aburi Salmon Roll


Eel Dragon Roll

I had the Unagi don ($23). I am a big fan of eel and recently, it seems that I have been having a lot of unagi at Japanese restaurants! Like the Eel Dragon Roll, the unagi surrounding the rice was grilled to perfection and tender, topped with a hint of sweetness. It was just melt in your mouth.


Unagi don ($23)

My friends and I enjoyed the food at James Parker and thought that the food was fresh, flavoursome and authentic. Bookings are highly recommended as the restaurant can get quite busy. Yes, even on weekdays. With an intimate setting and good Japanese food, James Parker will no doubt be popular among Perth locals.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

James Parker Sushi X Sake on Urbanspoon


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