Malaysian Food Adventures #17: FIQS Gastronomy

Yes yes yes, I think FIQS Gastronomy is what the suburb of SS19 needs! Food, Innovation, Quality is what the acronym of FIQ stands for and has already lived up to it. The chef/owner of FIQS is Syafiq. Drawing upon his learning experience from the Johnson and Wales Culinary School to work experience at pubs, burger joints, cafes, hotels in America and training with a best chef in the world holding 3 Michelin Stars, Syafiq brings affordable and quality food to FIQS which will tantalise your tastebuds.


To start off our dinner at FIQS, mum and I had the Roasted Carrot Soup (RM12), dad had the Crunchy Calamari (RM11) and we shared a Mac and Cheese (RM14). At first glance, the Roasted Carrot Soup looked similar to a pumpkin soup. The soup was smooth and creamy in texture along with bright flavours from the roasted carrot. The bread on the side complimented the soup well too. It was a winner for mum and I. I had a taste test of the Crunchy Calamari and it was deep fried to perfection maintaining a crisp on the outside with fresh flavours. The Mac and Cheese was not too creamy and was perfect. One spoonful and you just can’t stop wanting more. With a sprinkle of beef bacon on top, it took the Mac and Cheese dish to the next level.


  Roasted Carrot Soup


Crunchy Calamari


Mac and Cheese

 Not long after we had our starters, our mains arrived. Mum had the Sea Bass (RM26), dad had the Mushroom Risotto, which was the Specials of the Day and I had the Boneless Short Ribs (RM30). My short ribs were cooked to perfection and it was very soft and tender. Melt in your mouth. It was lovely with the beef jus reduction and the garlic pommes puree. I tried Mum’s Sea Bass and it was as good as the short ribs. The Sea Bass was very fresh and delicious. I had a taste test of dad’s Mushroom Risotto which was presented with a generous amount of mushrooms on the top. It was a great dish but I thought that if the risotto could be a bit softer, it would be perfect! As it is challenging to execute a perfectly cooked risotto, I think FIQS still did a very good job overall at cooking risotto.



 Sea Bass


Mushroom Risotto


Boneless Short Ribs

Finally, it’s time for dessert! We shared a Baked Alaska (RM15) and the Deconstructed Cheese Cake (RM15).The Baked Alaska consists of Mango Gelato, meringue, toasted bread and fruit coulis. One spoonful of the Baked Alaska and I was sent to dessert heaven. That’s how good it was. The top layers and its surround were soft in texture and the bottom was crunchy. It was executed perfectly. The Deconstructed Cheese Cake was very interesting. There may be a lot of elements happening on one plate but with a play on flavours, everything makes sense and blends well nicely. From popping candy to reminisce about childhood days to super soft cheese cake and butterscotch foam, topped with cookie crumble, almond powder and strawberry coulis. Voila! You get your Cheese Cake!


Baked Alaska


Deconstructed Cheese Cake

From sitting inside the restaurant and being a part of the kitchen atmosphere to enjoying alfresco dining with ceiling fans keeping you cool, Fiqs Gastronomy makes a great place not to only hang out but for good and honest food. The atmosphere at FIQS is bright, bubbly, friendly and approachable. Take a look around and you can see families, couples and friends.  Fiqs Gastonomy is not only for the hip, but it is the place to be in SS19 for all.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

Fiq's Gastronomy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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