For the love of Macca’s Create your Taste Chicken

Early this year, McDonald’s introduced the Create Your Taste concept at its participating restaurants which has been a hit ever since. It all started with beef and the next phase, chicken. Recently, I was invited to sample the new Create Your Taste chicken range at the Create Your Taste pop-up at the Perth Food and Wine Expo.

The Create Your Taste pop-up restaurant tours around Australia with its 40 foot long food truck bringing you the best of Create Your Taste. It features kitchen facilities and food displays, allowing you to watch the live action in the kitchen and to witness the creation of your very own customised gourmet burger. How exciting!


Yes, it’s about the fun in creating your very own burger and experimenting with different flavours. Choose between chicken or beef for your burger or if you are more daring, choose both! Here comes the fun part – you can choose from a range and variety of 30 delicious ingredients from guacamole, chipotle sauce, crispy bacon, Colby Jack cheese, shaved parmesan, tortilla strips to type of bun. With your choice of ingredients, the end result is your mouth-watering masterpiece and it all comes from a simple touch from the ordering screen.


Decisions, decisions, decisions. I was excited to create my very own burger despite my indecisiveness in choosing the desired ingredients for my awesome burger. But hey, I managed to create my very own gourmet burger at the end, thanks to Rohan for his help and recommendations.

*Drum Rolls* The end result? I present to you Mel’s very own Create Your Taste chicken burger with crunchy slaw, natural cheddar, crispy bacon, egg, roasted red capsicum pesto sandwiched together by the bakery bun. Mmmmm. Typically, I would choose beef over chicken but Macca’s Create Your Taste has won me over with the chicken burger. The chicken patty is moist, well seasoned and non-greasy, complementing well with the other ingredients. I love the additional crunch from the coleslaw and the red capsicum pesto was flavoursome.


From sampling the chicken burger, I think it will definitely provide burger lovers with an alternative to beef. It’s no doubt that the chicken burger will be a hit at Maccas. What are you waiting for? Head to Macca’s from October 21st onwards and give some love to a chicken burger.

The views expressed are entirely the writer’s own. I would like to thank Luke for the invitation to sample the new Macca’s Create Your Taste chicken burger. 


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