Malaysian Food Adventures #13: Dim Sum at Tao

Usually on the first day of Chinese New Year, families will have a feast. This year, my family decided to eat out instead. As most Chinese restaurants are closed on the first day of the Chinese New Year, we decided to celebrate the new year by having a Dim Sum brunch at Tao at InterContinental Hotel, KL. (We assume restaurants would remain open in hotels during the New Year. Thank goodness for that!)

A few years ago, Nikko Hotel was turned to InterContinental and Nikko Hotel’s Toh Lee was turned into Tao. When we were still living in Malaysia, my family and I were regulars of Toh Lee. It has been a while since I have returned and I must say that the whole restaurant has been refurbished and revamped. Yes, the decor and setting looked really good and impressive.

To start off our Chinese New Year Dim Sum, we had the Snow Pear Yee Sang (RM78). It was very refreshing and moist with fresh and crisp flavours.


Snow Pear Yee Sang

So let’s talk about the Dim Sum at Tao. The Dim Sum was presented beautifully and was made with attention to detail and intricately using finest ingredients. One of the highlights was the BBQ Chicken Puff (RM 12). Usually, the fillings are pork but Tao is a halal Chinese restaurant so the BBQ Puff is chicken instead. Usually I am not a big fan of BBQ Chicken/Pork Puff because I find them a bit dry but at Tao, it was moist and melt in your mouth. The pastry was executed well too.


BBQ Chicken Puff

Here is a teaser of the other Dim Sum we had. They were really good, delicious and full of flavour. The Dim Sum at Tao will tantalise your tastebuds for sure.


A close up of the Mushroom Dumpling (RM24)


Tao Steamed Baby Abalone Phoenix Eye Prawn Dumpling (RM32)


Glutinous Rice (RM20)

It’s finally dessert! YAY! We ordered some egg tarts. (RM20) The pastry was perfect. It was soft and fluffy together with the bright yellow custard in the middle. Lovely.


Egg Tarts

Before we left, we were presented with Fortune Cookies and Mandarin Oranges. (I think the Year of the Horse is going to be a good year 😉 )


I highly recommend Tao for Chinese Food and I can’t wait to be back again to try their dinner. I think dinner will also be as amazing as brunch!  For Chinese Fine Dining, Tao ticks the boxes for all.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

Tao Chinese Cuisine at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2782-6128

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