A revisit back to Silks

Last week, Pia from Life of Pia invited me to come along with her as a guest to have lunch at Silks at Crown Perth. When we arrived, we were welcomed and had a chat with Silks Restaurant Manager, Jeffery who also gave us recommendations for our cocktails and food. To start off our Silks dining experience, I had the Lychee Sensation Cocktail and Pia had the Golden Silks Cocktail. The Lychee Cocktail was fruity with a nice hint of Lychee flavours. But,  I must say that Pia’s Golden Silks Cocktail looked amazing! It looks like liquid gold with a golden ice ball floating inside which she had to break it down slowly.


My Lychee Sensation Cocktail


Golden Silks

Just before our appetizers, we were treated to a complimentary Amuse Bouche which was Scallop with tropical salsa. It was bursting with fresh flavours with a good hint of acidity. Not long after, our appetizers arrived which consists of three of Silks signature dumpling which was Steamed ‘Shanghai Style’ Pork Dumpling, Steamed Lobster and Caviar Dumpling, Steamed Scallop Dumpling. Each of the dumpling were unique in flavour and my particular favourite would be the Steamed Lobster and Caviar Dumpling. Presentation was executed well with attention to detail.


Scallop with tropical salsa


From Left to Right – Steamed ‘Shanghai Style’ Pork Dumpling, Steamed Lobster and Caviar Dumpling, Steamed Scallop Dumpling

So far, so good. For our mains, we had the Pan Fried Pantagonian Toothfish,  Dry Aged Rangers Valley Grain Fed 300 Day Black Angus Striploin and Silks’ Signature Fried Rice. The Pantagonian Toothfish was fresh and pan fried to perfection with a crispy skin on the outside. The Home Style Garlic and Ginger Sauce was also a good complement to the toothfish giving it a nice flavour to the dish.

The Dry Aged Rangers Valley Grain Black Angus Striploin was cooked perfectly to medium with a hint of pink in the middle. It was tender, juicy and delicious. The Truffle Mandarin sauce also gave sweetness to the dish. We also had Silk’s Signature Fried Rice. Among the fried rice, there were plenty of premium goodies; from scallops, prawn, roast duck and vegetable in XO sauce. It was so full of flavour!


Pan Fried Pantagonian Toothfish with Home style Garlic and Ginger Sauce


Silks’ Signature Fried Rice


Dry Aged Rangers Valley Grain Fed 300 Day Black Angus Striploin with Truffle Mandarin sauce

Pia and I were so full after our mains and we still have dessert to finish. We were offered a complimentary Petit Fours which was Lychee Jelly. Not long after, our desserts arrrived and WOW – the dessert had attention to detail with layers of sesame Pudding Coconut Gel, Black Sesame Mousse, Coconut Crunch and topped with Caramelised Banana Ice Cream. How delicious does that sound? You will be surprised that the flavours of coconut, black sesame and banana ice cream actually marries each other well. There was combination of sweet, crunchy  and soft textures. It was a winner.


Petit Fours – Lychee Jelly


Sesame Pudding Coconut Gel, Black Sesame Mousse, Coconut Crunch, Caramelised Banana Ice Cream

After our meals, Jeffery gave us a mini tour around Silks and showed us a few of the function rooms Silks has to offer. Here are a few of the snapshots of the interior of Silks. It’s a fusion of classy and majestic with a nice ambience. Perhaps you can picture yourself having a function at one of the private room Silks have to offer .


Dining area at Silks


Chandelier in the form of lanterns


One of Silks’ Function Rooms – this one seats 26 guests

Overall, I must say that our dining experience at Silks was excellent from the start to the end. I would like to thank Pia for bringing me along for lunch at Silks (we had a great time catching up!)  and I would also like to thank Jeffery and the rest of the staff at Silks for your warm and kind hospitality for hosting us. And also, the delicious food that we had on that day.

Disclaimer: Take Me To Foodie Heaven was invited as a guest to dine with Life of Pia who received the main invitation by Silks.  

Silks on Urbanspoon


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