Guzman Y Gomez Mount Lawley

One week ago, Guzman Y Gomez (GYG) celebrated the opening of its 44th restaurant with their signature Free Burrito Day at the iconic Mount Lawley Planet Video site. This is the second GYC store in Perth and the first store is at Northbridge. During GYG’s opening in Northbridge last year, GYG gave away an impressive 4,372 Burritos and Burrito Bowls.


Matt and I arrived at GYG Mount Lawley in the evening and there was a long queue. We joined the queue but luckily it was fast moving which did not take us long to arrive at the doorstep at GYG. While queuing up to get our hands on the burrito, we were also treated to free guacamole, corn chips, moustache-painting and entertainment from a traditional mariachi band. It was a mexican fiesta at GYG’s opening.

For the Free Burrito Day, basically we have to choose either a Burrito or Burrito Bowl and either a spicy or mild filling. I had the Pork Chipotle Burrito and Matt had the Steak Chipotle Burrito. The Pork Chipotle burrito consists of rice, cheese, vegetarian black beans, salsa and tender pulled pork, seared and hand rubbed with Chipotle Adobo. I thought that the Pork Chipotle was lovely. Although it was a bit dry with the first bite, the more I sink my teeth into it, it was moist and tender. Overall, it was actually quite filling! I tried a bit of Matt’s Steak Chipotle and it was really good. The steak was marinated well and it was juicy and tender. A nice complement to the other ingredients in the burrito! Apart from burritos, it will definitely be nice to come back to try other options from their menu.


 Pork Chipotle Burrito


Beef Chipotle Burrito

 I would like to thank David Gardiner Public Relations for inviting me and letting me know about Guzman Y Gomez’s Free Burrito Day and their opening at Mount Lawley.

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