Guzman Y Gomez Mount Lawley

One week ago, Guzman Y Gomez (GYG) celebrated the opening of its 44th restaurant with their signature Free Burrito Day at the iconic Mount Lawley Planet Video site. This is the second GYC store in Perth and the first store is at Northbridge. During GYG’s opening in Northbridge last year, GYG gave away an impressive 4,372 Burritos and Burrito Bowls. Matt and I arrived at GYG Mount Lawley in the evening and there was a long queue. We joined the queue but luckily it was fast moving which did not take us long to arrive at the doorstep at GYG. … Continue reading Guzman Y Gomez Mount Lawley


Here is my post as promised on Juancho’s. This is also another one of the stalls in Subiaco Markets which I frequent for lunch whether it is after work, heading to uni or just before buying fruits and vegetables. Juancho’s offers delicacies and favourites from Mexico and El Salvadore. (Think tacos, quesadillas, nachos and the list goes on). And yes, mexican is one of my favourite cuisines too. The owners and staff are very friendly and their service is efficient. Sometimes the service may take a bit long during the peak lunch hour at Subiaco Markets, but otherwise it is … Continue reading Juancho’s