Here is my post as promised on Juancho’s. This is also another one of the stalls in Subiaco Markets which I frequent for lunch whether it is after work, heading to uni or just before buying fruits and vegetables. Juancho’s offers delicacies and favourites from Mexico and El Salvadore. (Think tacos, quesadillas, nachos and the list goes on). And yes, mexican is one of my favourite cuisines too.

The owners and staff are very friendly and their service is efficient. Sometimes the service may take a bit long during the peak lunch hour at Subiaco Markets, but otherwise it is bearable and worth the wait. If you want to avoid the peak lunch period, I recommend you to come early at around 11 am or later at 1.30pm-2pm. I usually order the Enchilada which is a corn tortilla rolled around a filling and covered with chili pepper sauce. You can choose to have either a beef, chicken or vegetable filling. The Enchilada also comes with a side of tomato salsa and rice with guacamole and nachos. For all those who like some extra spicy-ness, you can request for chili too. The Enchilada is scrumptious and full of flavour. It is also reasonably priced ($10), making it a great lunch to last you the whole day.


If you don’t want something that makes you very full, there is also a lighter option which is the Quesadilla ($10). A quesadilla is a flour or corn tortilla filled with a savoury mixture containing cheese, other ingredients or vegetables and folded in half to form a half-moon shape. This is one of the dishes I usually have after work (usually finish work at 2pm!) and when I plan on going for a run in the evening. You can choose from a variety of fillings as well, just like the enchiladas. The quesadilla also bursts with flavour and cheesy-ness, making a great dish.


Other than the Quesadillas and the Enchiladas, there are also a variety of other dishes offered at Juancho’s such as Tacos, Nachos and they also serve Mexican breakfast too. So if you are there early in the morning for your grocery shopping and forgot to have your breakfast, go and have a Mexican breakfast at Juancho’s for a change. As a regular customer at this stall, I highly recommend Juancho’s at Subiaco Markets to you for authentic Mexican food at an affordable price. In my opinion, I think this is one of the best places to go for Mexican in Perth. The ratings on Urbanspoon says it all too!

My rating: mmmm (excellent)

Key (m=mel/yummy) : m (poor), mm (average), mmm (good), mmmm (excellent)

Juancho's on Urbanspoon


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