I realised that there are quite a few cafes around the Scarborough or Doubleview area, which is close to home.  After finishing a BodyPump class on a Friday morning, Matt and I decided to head to Pizzaca for brunch. Pizzaca is a small cafe located along Gildercliffe Street in Scarborough with seatings both outside and inside.

As I had to work later in the afternoon until 9pm, I went for the Pizzaca Big Breakky ($22.50) and Matt, being the “healthier” other half had the Turkey, Brie, Avocado, Spinach and Cream Cheese ($10.50) sandwich. The Big Breakky was really BIG. It has all your usual suspects in it – you name it – pork and fennel sausage, crisp bacon, roasted tomato, potato parmesan fritter, chilli beans, mushrooms and poached eggs, which were the eggs of my choice. To me, the pork and fennel sausage was the star of the dish as it was really flavoursome. The eggs were also poached to perfection and bacon was crispy. The roasted tomato was fresh and explodes in the mouth – BOOM! Potato parmesan fritter was lightly crisp with a hint of cheesyness and the chilli beans and mushrooms were delicious. Pizzaca Big Breakky is one hearty breakky that will definitely keep you full throughout the day.


 Pizzaca Big Breakky

Here is Matt’s review of his sandwich – The sandwich was nice and light with alternating hits of cranberry sweetness, cream cheese and Brie. All ingredients worked well together and the generous amount of seeds on the bread was a nice appetising and finishing touch.


Turkey, Brie, Avocado, Spinach and Cream Cheese Sandwich

Pizzaca actually has a good variety on their menu to choose from for breakfast, brunch or lunch. I would say even their cakes look mouthwatering too. Unfortunately, I had no room for cake after my big breakky. Service was excellent – friendly and efficient. If you come to Pizzaca after 5pm, pizzas are served for dinner. We spoke to the lady who is a regular at the table next to us and she said that the pizzas at Pizzaca are really popular around the area. Looks like there will be Round 2 at Pizzaca soon!

Mel’s Rating: mmmm (excellent)

Pizzaca on Urbanspoon


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