Located at 1 Leonard Street at Victoria Park which is also home to two other pop-up shops, Wicked Satays and The Sarapan, is JBento, Perth’s first pop-up bento shop. Come during lunchtime from 11.30am to 2.30pm, Monday to Friday and you can enjoy a decent bento lunch from JBento with a variety of main meals to choose from to suit your palate. You also do get a choice of either dining indoors or if the weather is decent, you can sit outside on cute little cushions and have your bento. 🙂


Each bento set  at JBento consists of your choice of main meal, fresh salad, wakame salad, daikon pickle, rice and potato salad. I had the Teriyaki Steak Bento ($13.90) which consists of perfectly cooked steak pieces that are grilled and generously covered in JBento’s housemade teriyaki sauce. The steak was juicy and tender together with the sweetness from the teriyaki sauce. I loved the potato salad and thought that it was fresh and was not overly creamy or full of mayonnaise. It was just right. I also loved how the rice is presented in triangular shapes, which looks pretty close to an Onigiri (Japanese Rice Ball) with seasoning on top, giving it an extra hint of flavour. Overall, I loved my Bento and was very happy and satisfied with it 🙂


Mum had the Saba (Mackerel) Fish Bento ($13.90). I had a taste test of the Saba Fish and it was fresh and tasty. The Saba fish was seasoned and grilled to perfection. It was executed well and I must say that a perfectly cooked and tasty Saba Fish is hard to come by in Perth!


Saba Fish Bento

Jess at the Bulgogi Beef Bento ($10.90) which consists of delicious, savoury Korean Bulgogi Beef, prepared in authentic marinade. Here is Jess’s review of her Bulgogi Beef Bento – I though that it was really good! It was tender, juicy and not too dry with a good amount of fat in it. The beef was marinated well and the marinade complements the rice well. The rice was well cooked, not too soggy and definitely had a good amount of seasoning.


Bulgogi Beef Bento

We also decided to order two sides – Karaage Chicken ($5) and Miso Butter Steak ($6). The Karaage Chicken consisted of juicy chicken pieces coated in a light, seasoned batter. It was deep fried well with a nice hint of crisp on the outside and it certainly did not feel too greasy or oily. The Miso Butter Steak was full of flavour from the melted butter and there was also a subtle hint of miso flavour which marries well with the tenderness of the steak.


Karaage Chicken ($5)


Miso Butter Steak ($6)

Apart from having bentos, there is also free green tea provided by JBento just at their counter. The service at JBento is also friendly and efficient – it did not take too long for our bentos to arrive. If you have a Rewardle card or app on your smartphone, you can scan your QR code or card here where you can accumulate points and redeem freebies such as drinks, miso soup or potentially a Bento! If you know what to order and want to save some time, you can also call or text your order to 04 1416 8837. Highly recommend JBento for their delicious bentos!

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

JBento on Urbanspoon


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