Sushi Wawa

Sushi Wawa is Perth’s newest sushi sensation located in Innaloo, just right opposite Ikea. What makes Sushi Wawa different to other sushi restaurants around Perth? Well, Sushi Wawa boasts Australia’s largest sushi conveyor belt which is 62 metres long. And yes, it is situated right here in Perth. (Fun Fact – The sushi train can hold up to 400 plates at any time!) Sushi Wawa also features a line-up of Japanese chefs who have worked in popular restaurants around Perth before Sushi Wawa was born. There’s head chef Hiroaki Fijioka (Nobu Perth) who leads sous chef George Yamahara (Satsuki), Mitsunori Nishida (Jaws) and Hidenori Otani (Rockpool).

So, on a Saturday evening after church, we decided to head to  Sushi Wawa for a quick dinner. The best part about Sushi Wawa is the ease of finding a carpark and the best part is FREE PARKING!!

To fill up my hungry tummy, I started off with a plate of Salmon Nigiri ($4.20). The Salmon was very fresh – it had a nice hint of orange colour and the sushi rice was perfect. Next target on the sushi train was the California Uramaki ($4.90) which consists of crabmeat and avocado pieces surrounded by an outer layer of seaweed and sushi rice, topped with tobiko. The California Uramaki was wrapped delicately and was neat.


Salmon Nigiri


 California Uramaki

Next up, I had the Salmon Aburi ($4.90) and Takoyaki ($4.20). Aburi style sushi is a type of nigiri sushi when the fish is partially grilled (topside) and partially raw. The Salmon Aburi was fresh in flavour, decadent and tasty. The delicate hint of teriyaki sauce on top added some sweetness to the Salmon Aburi. I loved the Takoyaki. It was deep fried to perfection on the outside while retaining a nice chewy texture from the octopus in the inside.


Salmon Aburi



Apart from the endless options of sushi to choose from the sushi train, you can also order from a variety of Rice, Udon, Hot Entrees and Salad dishes from their menu. I decided to get the Tempura Udon ($11).  The tempura were lightly battered – light, fluffy and crispy. It was a good complement with the clear broth and the udon. It was delicious.


Tempura Udon

Overall, my experience at Sushi Wawa was good. The service – quick, polite, efficient and friendly. It is often quite rare to find a family friendly restaurant in Perth and Sushi Wawa is definitely one. If you are looking for a quick and healthy Japanese meal, Sushi Wawa is the place to be making it a great addition to the Innaloo dining scene.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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