Three Coins Italian Trattoria

Located along Beaufort Street towards Inglewood is the newly opened two month old, Three Coins Italian Trattoria. Three Coins is the literal translation of the family name Trequattrini and is run by the Trequattrini family of five where food is a family passion. Originally from Umbria, Italy, the Trequattrini family moved to Perth with a dream of running their own restaurant, combining their individual areas of expertise to offer Perth locals the real taste of regional Italian cuisine.

We started off with the Farmhouse Duck Liver Pate with toasted ciabatta ($16), both homemade and taken from the family recipe. The Pate was very light and earthy. As some Pates are strong in flavour, the Pate at Three Coins was executed well as it was very subtle in flavour and not overpowering. The Pate also complements the crisp texture of the toasted ciabatta.


Farmhouse Duck Liver Pate with toasted ciabatta

We also shared a Prosciutto Pizza ($23.50) which consists of Mozzarella, Prosciutto San Daniele, Cherry Tomato, Rocket and Shaved Parmesan. At Three Coins, the pizzas are authentic Italian style and is wood fired. We enjoyed the Prosciutto Pizza – it was rich in texture and had a rich tomato base. It was fresh and full of flavour.


Prosciutto Pizza ($23.50)


Slow cooked Lamb Leg Ragu Fettuccine

My parents had the Gagliata Mista for 2: Italian Sausages, Lamb Cutlets, 250g Scotch Fillet and Vegetables ($60). I had a taste test of some of the elements on the Gagliata Mista. The Scotch Fillet and Lamb Cutlets were deliciously tender and juicy. We loved the Italian Sausages. They were seasoned well and flavoursome. If you want your daily dose of protein, I recommend the Gagliata Mista. Plus, it’s perfect to be shared.


Gagliata Mista for 2

For dessert, I had the traditional Italian dessert, the Baileys and Chocolate Tiramisu ($14). The Tiramisu was creamy with a subtle flavour of espresso and baileys. It was soft and smooth in texture. Oh so heavenly.


Baileys and Chocolate Tiramisu

Mum and dad shared the Baked Ricotta Tart Choc chips and orange zest ($14) from the Specials of the Day and dad had a cappucino ($4) . We were also told that the baked ricotta tart was made by the mama of the the Trequattrini family. The baked ricotta tart was light, moist and had a good hint of tangy-ness from the orange zest. It was lovely.


Baked Ricotta Tart with chocolate chips and orange zest


As a restaurant run by a family, Three Coins encapsulates a family friendly atmosphere while enjoying Italian comfort food together. The service at Three Coins is welcoming, friendly and homely. It’s really great to see a new addition along Beaufort Street and I am sure that Three Coins will excel in bringing their passion of food to the table. Three Coins is definitely the place to be for Italian comfort food.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent)

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    1. Yeah the pate here is different – it’s light and subtle in taste and had a bit of an olive flavour in it. Maybe that’s why the colour looks almost like a pesto? HAHA

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