Adelphi Grill

Located in the heart of Perth CBD is the iconic Adelphi Grill. Think sizzling steaks, meat and seafood on grill, burger, snacks, salad, wine and beer. Yep, you get the picture. Recently, Adelphi Grill celebrated their first birthday and had a huge refurbishment of the restaurant, bar and menu. This refurbishment has given Adelphi Grill not only a contemporary new look but also a casual, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for customers. If you haven’t been to Adelphi Grill for a while, do check it out! This was my first visit to Adelphi Grill, with thanks to Hub Marketing Communications for … Continue reading Adelphi Grill

Malaysian Food Adventures #16: Ribs by Vintry

To all the meat lovers and carnivores out there (yes, I am one of them), you are in for a treat at Ribs by Vintry. As the name of the restaurant suggests, Ribs by Vintry is famous for its ribs and meaty dishes. The food at Ribs by Vintry are bold, big and comforting. If you are not a big fan of meat, they also do offer pasta, fish and poultry. Therefore, Ribs by Vintry was the perfect venue to hold our dinner and catch up session with our family friends before leaving back to Perth. To start off the feast, … Continue reading Malaysian Food Adventures #16: Ribs by Vintry