Adelphi Grill

Located in the heart of Perth CBD is the iconic Adelphi Grill. Think sizzling steaks, meat and seafood on grill, burger, snacks, salad, wine and beer. Yep, you get the picture. Recently, Adelphi Grill celebrated their first birthday and had a huge refurbishment of the restaurant, bar and menu. This refurbishment has given Adelphi Grill not only a contemporary new look but also a casual, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for customers. If you haven’t been to Adelphi Grill for a while, do check it out!

This was my first visit to Adelphi Grill, with thanks to Hub Marketing Communications for the lunchtime review invitation. I had lunch with Julia, the Marketing and Communications Manager at Parmelia Hilton who told me a bit about Adelphi Grill. We were seated in front of the open kitchen where we could see all the action taking place. While having a sip of my John Duval Entity Shiraz, I had a look at the menu and could not decide what to order because everything on the menu looks good.

To start off, we had some shared plates as an entree ($19 each) – Beef Carpaccio, Porcini Mushroom Arancini Balls and Salt ‘n’ Pepper Squid. I thought that the entrees were executed very well, both in terms of taste and presentation. The Beef Carpaccio was fresh and tasty together with the parmesan, garlic chips, rocket and truffle oil. It was simply melt in your mouth. Absolutely divine. The Porcini Mushroom Arancini balls were crisp on the outside and soft in the inside with lovely earthy flavours coming from the porcini mushrooms. Together with the mushroom and feta salsa and aioli, it gave the porcini mushroom arancini balls a great flavour. The Salt ‘n’ pepper squid was light and crispy which complements well with the fresh, punchy flavours from the pineapple and cucumber salsa and lime mayo. Which of the shared plates do I like best? It’s hard to decide. I love them all.



 Beef Carpaccio



 Porcini Mushroom Arancini Balls


Salt ‘n’ pepper squid

For the mains, I decided to order the Fiery Signature Dish which is a South West Fiery 220gm fillet ($43) with Adelphi chips. Chef Chad Miskiewicz cleverly uses a secret blend of fiery spices on the 220gm beef fillet to turn the heat on and spice things up.  My steak was cooked perfectly to medium and was very juicy and tender. I really love how the juicy steak actually blends well with the fiery spices, giving its chili kick. My verdict? I love love loved it and if you are at Adelphi Grill, I highly recommend the fiery signature dish. So…how fiery it is? Well, I’ll leave that up to you to tell me 🙂

Oh and when you order steaks at Adelphi Grill, you can choose from a choice of sauces such as mushroom, bearnaise, red wine or pepper jus and a selection of salads from the salad bar.


 South West Fiery Fillet 220gm

Julia had the Snapper Fillet ($46) with salsa verde, lime coleslaw and saffron rice. The Snapper Fillet was very fresh and was cooked to perfection which complements well with the salsa verde, adding some freshness to the dish. The lime coleslaw also gave the dish its acidity and punchy flavours. The saffron rice was flavoursome and fluffy. As a whole, it was a lovely dish with a great combination of flavours.


 Snapper Fillet

We also ordered some Dukkha crusted lamb cutlets ($46) with kipflers, minted peas and red wine jus. The lamb cutlets were cooked to perfection, tender and juicy. Together with the dukkha crusted on top of the tender lamb cutlets, it was bursting with flavour. Absolutely delicious.


 Dukkha Crusted Lamb Cutlets

To finish off, we had some desserts ($14) as our sweet finish. We had the Black Forest Deconstructed, Trio of Creme Brulee and Banoffee Tart. The Black Forest Deconstructed consists of chocolate sponge, dark chocolate mousse, berry compote, chocolate soil and fruits of forest gelato. If you love your black forest, you will love this dessert. The trio of creme brulee was served with warm brownie and tulle biscuit with espresso, orange and cinnamon honey being the flavours of the day. This was my first time having creme brulee in these flavours and I thought that they work very well. The Banoffee Tart consists of chunky sliced banana in caramel sauce, chantilly cream and chocolate gelato. Banana and Chocolate? A matchmake in heaven! I enjoyed all the desserts and thought they were executed very well. To the kings and queens of desserts or to those with a sweet tooth, Adelphi Grill do serve desserts that will definitely send you to foodie heaven.


 Black Forest Deconstructed


 Trio of Creme Brulee (From left to right) -Espresso, Orange and Cinnamon Honey


Banoffee Tart

Overall, I really enjoyed my lunch at Adelphi Grill from the start to finish. The service at Adelphi Grill was also very efficient, accomodating and friendly. I will definitely be back to Adelphi Grill in the future and I highly recommend Adelphi Grill for their delicious food and heavenly desserts. Adelphi Grill is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or anything in between 7 days a week. If you are ever in the city or luckily enough to be working close by, do give Adelphi Grill a try.

I would like to thank Julia, Adelphi Grill, Parmelia Hilton and Hub Marketing Communications for the invitation to do a lunchtime review at Adelphi Grill. It was my pleasure to be able to dine at Adelphi. You will definitely see more of me in the future!

Mel’s Rating : mmmmm (take me to foodie heaven)

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6 thoughts on “Adelphi Grill

  1. That thinly sliced beef carpaccio really brings some good memories I had at another resto! Looks like you had a blast.

    I heard many good things about the steak Adelphi treats with love and care. I should definitely consider a visit.

    1. Yeah I really did and was so full after! So much food but they were all oh so good. Yes you should! I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂

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