As I lost my voice, it was my stomach’s turn to make some noise. Having Japanese food for dinner was ideal as it was very clear that I had to avoid spicy food temporarily until my voice is back. Based on my research from the Entertainment book, we decided to go to Toraya at Subiaco Square for dinner after church. If you see Woolies, yes, you are definitely at the right place.

This was my second visit to Toraya. We had no bookings and were lucky to find a table to ourselves inside on a cold, winter’s night. If you want to be on the safe side, make a booking. When we walked into Toraya, the sense of warm and welcoming Japanese hospitality embraced us. It’s a service with a smile.

To start off dinner, we had the small Tuna ($15) and Salmon ($13) Sashimi and a few slices of Otoro (Tuna Belly). The sashimi was fresh and each of the pieces were consistently sliced with precision and care. Slicing sashimi can be a work of art and Toraya has achieved it.


Tuna, Salmon and Tuna Belly sashimi

We also had the Dragon Roll ($8). The Dragon Roll consists of prawn tempura, lettuce, avocado, eel and mayo. The roll was wrapped neatly and presented well. I enjoyed the Dragon Roll and thought that it was very tasty and fresh. The prawn tempura inside the roll was crunchy and complements well with the soft sushi rice on the outside – just like a little surprise.


Dragon Roll

Next, our mains arrived. I had the Seafood Marinade Sushi Donburi ($22), consisting of octopus, salmon, tempura prawn, spicy mayo and seaweed salad layered on top of the sushi rice. It was a very bright and colourful donburi, which makes it look very appetizing and appealing to the eye. Does it taste as bright and colourful? Oh yes, it sure did. Mix it up and you will find that the flavours marry well with each other.


Seafood Marinade Sushi Donburi

We also shared the Agedashi Tofu ($15) with tempura vegetables in soup. The Agedashi tofu was soft and silky while retaining its slightly crisp batter on the outside. The broth was also not too salty and was just right, which complements well with the agedashi tofu and tempura vegetables.


Agedashi Tofu

For the mains, we also had the Teriyaki Wagyu Beef ($19) with Toraya Special Sauce. Tender and juicy slices of Wagyu Beef marinated in teriyaki sauce – absolutely delicious! Your tastebuds will be dancing for joy.


Teriyaki Wagyu Beef

To finish, I ordered a Ginger Brulee ($11). Whenever I order Creme Brulee, it is always a joy to crack that caramel layer and indulge in the smooth custard. The caramel layer at the top was caramelised perfectly. Under the caramel layer, the custard was very light and smooth with a nice hint of ginger flavours. A very light and lovely dessert to finish off the night.


Ginger Brulee

It has been a while since I was at Toraya. Although my voice was gone and my throat was sore, I still enjoyed the food at Toraya. If you have the Entertainment book, you can get 25% off from dining at Toraya, making it value for money.

Oh and Toraya do serve Sukiyaki for dinner which comprises of two 250gm Wagyu Beef for $45 per person (minimum 2 people). Bookings for the Sukiyaki is essential.

 Mel’s Rating: mmmm (excellent)

Toraya Sushi on Urbanspoon


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