Love is sweet at Aurore Patisserie

Situated just beside the main entrance of Ritz Carlton Perth at Elizabeth Quay is a little patisserie called Aurore Patisserie. Did you know that Aurore Patisserie also supplies their pastries and sweet treats to the Ritz Carlton? We arrived at … Continue reading Love is sweet at Aurore Patisserie

Mary Street Bakery and Bossman

After several months of talking about food and sharing the same passion for BodyCombat, Take Me To Foodie Heaven finally dines with Liju from The Hungry Dinosaw. Initially, the plan was to meet at Smuggled Seeds Espresso but unfortunately, when we arrived, we had already missed out on breakfast (Smuggled Seeds, I will be back!). Plan B was Mary Street Bakery, which was not too far from Leederville. Liju and I have heard a lot about Mary Street Bakery but neither have one of us actually tried the food there. This was the golden opportunity. Mary Street Bakery was not … Continue reading Mary Street Bakery and Bossman

Bread In Common

I hardly travel to Fremantle unless it is for seafood or fish and chips. I realised that Fremantle is not only the home to seafood or fish and chips but it is also the home to many rustic, hip and chic cafes. Bread In Common is one of them. With the hanging lightbulbs, its rustic outlook and the long communal tables, it is definitely worth one’s visit.┬áNo reservations are required and walk-ins are perfectly fine. Bread in Common on the outside Bread in Common on the inside When you are at Bread In Common, you can’t leave without ordering the … Continue reading Bread In Common