Chu Bakery

If you are a huge foodie on Instagram, I am sure you would have noticed photos of delectable and sumptuous pastries from Chu Bakery popping up on your newsfeed. Yes, Chu Bakery is trending and recently have been the talk of the town. Like everyone else, I knew I had to pay Chu Bakery a visit from just looking at those Instagram photos.

Chu Bakery is located in the heart of Highgate. Across the road from Chu Bakery, is iconic Hyde Park. On a beautiful weekday, I decided to drop by Chu Bakery to reward myself with some sweet treats for afternoon tea. One step inside this cute bakery and you are greeted with a friendly service, pastries galore with the fresh aroma of bread, as everything is made fresh in store. For my afternoon tea, I had the Fraisier Chu, Matcha Yuzu Chu puff, Rose Chocolate Raspberry Chu puff and a Kaya Coconut Croissant. I enjoyed the Fraisier Chu and thought that it was delicious – it’s smooth and soft with light creamy flavours and the perfect hint of sweetness.


You can’t leave Chu Bakery without trying their signature Chu puffs, the Matcha Yuzu Chu puff and Rose Chocolate Raspberry Chu puff. I love both of the Chu puffs and thought that the pastry was executed very well, being light and crisp on the outside concealing a little surprise inside, like the yuzu jelly in the Matcha Yuzu Chu puff. The icing on top of the Chu puffs is definitely a matchmake in heaven. It’s smooth, flavoursome and creamy.


I have also heard many good things about the Kaya Coconut Croissant at Chu Bakery and decided to give it a try too. Growing up in Malaysia, I am a big fan of kaya, bringing back many memories of having kaya toast for breakfast. I thought that the combination of kaya with croissant was perfect. It’s both flaky and buttery, complementing well with the smooth Kaya spread, bursting with sweet coconut flavours.


If you have a sweet tooth, I highly recommend you to try Chu Bakery for their delectable and delightful pastries. Oh, I hear they also do a good coffee to go with your sweet treats too. With Hyde Park located opposite Chu Bakery, you can soak up the sun and indulge in your pastries while chilling out at the park.

Mel’s Rating : mmmm (excellent) Click to add a blog post for Chu Bakery on Zomato


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