Suppa Club

Think of those cold, chilly and wintry days. All you want to do is to get rugged up and treat yourself to some heartwarming soup. Yes, soups are definitely one of my comfort food too, especially during winter. I’ve been seeing so many of these luscious soups from Suppa Club on Instagram and it has really tempted me to give it a try one day. Coincidentally, I was contacted by David, the owner of Suppa Club to head down to either Subi Farmers Market or East Freo Markets to indulge in his soups.

On a windy and rainy Saturday morning, Elwyn and I set out to indulge in some soups at Suppa Club at Subi Farmers Market and to keep our bellies happy and warm. On that day, there were three types of soups available and we were given each spoonful to try. There’s the Hungarian goulash, which is the most popular, followed by pumpkin and potato and leek soup. It comes in three sizes too – small, large and you can also have the soups in a pane di casa bread bowl.

We decided to go with Elwyn’s favourite, the potato and leek soup in the pane di casa bread bowl ($13). The soup was silky smooth, creamy and had the perfect consistency. It was delicious, hearty and very flavoursome. I also loved how soft the bread bowl is after soaking up the potato and leek soup. Apart from the potato and leek soup, I enjoyed the little testers of the Hungarian goulash and pumpkin soup too. I do hear that David also makes an amazing tomato soup, one of my favourite soups, which I have not tried yet.



If you love your soups, I highly recommend you to come down to Subi Farmers Market on Saturdays or East Fremantle Markets on Sundays to get your fix of these heartwarming soups from Suppa Club. Don’t forget to check out Suppa Club’s Facebook page to stay up to date on what soups will be offered for the weekend.


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