Slurpin’ good udon noodles at Hifumiya

There may be heaps of ramen restaurants around but the best thing that has happened to Perth this year is Perth’s very first Udon noodle house, Hifumiya.

Hifumiya is originated from Kurashiki, Okayama in Japan and this was where the “Bukkake” style Udon noodle was born. Hifumiya brings to Perth a community-based hospitality from the warm and friendly staff to the hearty bowl of udon made with love.

The concept of Hifumiya is a simple self serve system. You order from the menu board, grab a tray, receive your bowl of udon which is cooked on the spot, pick your choice of sides, proceed to pay, enjoy your udon and return the tray to the return counter once finished. It’s such an efficient system!

Mum and I have now been to Hifumiya twice and we really enjoyed our visits. For my first visit, I had the Spicy Miso Pork Udon although it is not my usual nature to order noodles with spicy broth. With one slurp, I could taste the freshness of the udon noodles. The spicy miso broth was so flavourful with a nice hint of heat which was tolerable for me. Perfect for a cold wintry day!


On my second visit, I had the Beef Curry Udon as I was craving for Japanese curry. If you love Japanese curry, you will love the beef curry udon. The curry was so delicious and heartwarming to the soul together with the tender beef. There’s was just so much flavour in this bowl of beef curry udon!


Hifumiya will definitely be a place that I will continue to be back again. While writing up this post, I am already planning on my next visit. There is always something at Hifumiya to suit your preference whether you prefer a cold udon (perfect for summer!) or a nice hearty bowl of warm soup-based udon.

Hifumiya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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