Exotic flavours from Hogs Breath’s Exotic Blends menu

Recently, we were invited to come in and sample food from Hogs Breath’s recently launched exotic blends campaign.  The exotic blends menu is inspired by the multicultural representation of individual competitors and teams from all over the world competing at the recent Rio Olympics. Choose from three dishes with Spanish and Asian flavours available from the exotic blends campaign.

I had the Chorizo & Brie Prime Rib Steak ($29.95) which comprises of Hogs Breath’s signature slow cooked Prime Rib Steak with tomato chilli jam. The grilled chorizo and panko crumbed brie cheese adds a Spanish influence to the dish. I quite enjoyed my steak on that night. My steak was cooked perfectly to medium rare with a pink centre; juicy and tender. I loved the crispy and soft crumbed brie cheese too and the chewy chorizo.



Elwyn had the Satay Boss Hog Ribs ($34.95) which consists of a large serving of tender char-grilled lamb ribs smothered in a coconut chilli satay sauce, an Asian inspired dish. The flavours for this dish was so strong and intense. Although it had a hint of spice, the sauce was quite sweet and was a bit overpowering at times. Apart from that, the ribs were deliciously tender. This dish would have perfectly hit the mark if there was less sauce on the ribs.


If you want to take your tastebuds to an exotic adventure, it is definitely worth giving Hogs Breath’s Exotic Blends campaign a try. The exotic blends campaign is available at all Hogs Breath Cafes nationwide from November to December 2016.

The views expressed are entirely the writer’s own. We would like to thank Hogs Breath Cafe Joondalup for having us and letting us try food from the Exotic Blends campaign.


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