A twist to weekday dinners with the Dinner Twist Family Box

Two weeks ago, we were invited to trial a Family Box by Dinner Twist. If you have not heard of Dinner Twist, Dinner Twist is a Perth dinner delivery service that delivers fresh, beautiful produce with local matching recipes. Based in Fremantle and started in 2013, My & Chris Tistrand’s mission is to “Improve the quality of life of clients by enabling them to enjoy healthy, homemade and delicious food – minus the stress.” Choose from a choice of the Family Box, Foodie Box or Vegetarian Box and the menu differs each week based on local and seasonal produce.

We received our ingredients for our family box on a Monday night in polystyrene boxes which kept our food super fresh and cool! In the box, there was a recipe booklet included with methods and the relevant ingredients required to cook the dish. For our first day, we had the crunchy fish burgers. I loved the freshness of the fish and the crunchy golden coating complementing well with the creamy tartare sauce. It felt very rewarding that I could recreate a homemade Fillet O’ Fish from scratch at home using fresh ingredients.


On the second night, we had butter chicken with yellow rice – one of my favourite comfort food. The butter chicken curry was so creamy and flavoursome from the ground spices. The yellow rice had a lovely yellow colour and a subtle hint of turmeric flavour. It was a perfect dish for a cold, chilly winter night.


For the third night, we had a hearty ham and leek farmer’s omelette. It was a dish bursting full of colour and flavour which had a variety of ingredients. There were potatoes, cheese, ham, cherry tomatoes, english spinach, parsley and oregano. Such a simple and heartwarming dish with a pack full of punch.


Last but not least, was the beef stroganoff spirals, another hearty dish. I really loved the creamy textures of the beef stroganoff and the tenderness of the beef along with the freshness of the pasta. It’s definitely comfort food for winter. We did also have some leftovers for the next day which was perfect as I managed to have my work lunch sorted!


It was hard to tell which of the dishes were our favourite as my family, Elwyn and I  enjoyed all of them. We thought that the Family Box was reasonably priced where it’s priced at $149 for four people and $105 for two people. Time poor? Too busy? Add a twist to your weekday dinners with Dinner Twist!

A big thank you to Dinner Twist for providing us with their Family box to try along with the fresh ingredients for the successful and delicious dinners!



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